Friday, August 17, 2012

One Outfit, 2 Different Blazers, Need Opinions!

So, I keep thinking about my upcoming internship and my fall classes.
Mostly my internship, and I'm looking for an appropriate outfit for my first day. 
This isn't as easy as it sounds.
I found this cute outfit at JCPenney but I am undecided on the blazer. 
I like the skirt, I just need to size down on it, it's a little baggy and I think the next size down would be perfect.
But, the blazer. I'm undecided on which one to get and I need your opinion!

The first blazer is shorter on my but is more tailored and fitted. 

The next blazer is a lace blazer and it a bit longer on me but not sure if I like it?

So I need opinions, which one should I go with? 
The more tailored blazer or the lace fitted one?


Veronika said...

personally I like the first one!

Jowongster said...

I like the first one too! It fits your body more; the second one makes you look boxy and less slender. I do like the round edges of the second one though.

Morgan said...

I think the first tailored one looks amazing on you!

Beautygirl24 said...

I like them both! But that doesn't help you now does it? :)

I agree that the first is more tailored and I like more tailored blazers as opposed to loose. Just as long as you can comfortably move your arms, I say go with number one!

palmandpineblog said...

The first one fits you perfectly! XO

Unknown said...

I like them both :o) but if i'd have to pick i would go with the first one!!!

lauren said...

i know i'm way late commenting, but i happen to agree with all, the first one looks GREAT!! did you end up buying it?? :)