Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Inside the Catholic Church

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

I have a couple free minutes {Wedding planning is stressful AND time consuming!}so I thought I would share pictures of the inside of the church we are getting married in. 
I am Catholic and wanted to have my ceremony in church, it's how I always pictured my wedding. My fiance is not Catholic, he is Protestant. I had to ask for permission from the Bishop to have a full mass, because my fiance isn't Catholic they will not allow for a full mass. I actually finally got approval today that we can have a full mass. I was SO excited! I was worried because we had written the Bishop months ago and was still waiting, we were told he never denies a full mass, so I just expected us to have one (even made the programs up as a full mass!!), when it got to 2 weeks prior to the wedding I was getting nervous. Now we are 9 days out, and I finally got permission. SO happy! I know some people will not be happy about it, but a lot of my family and my fiance's family and friends are Catholic, some are very strict Catholics (including my father), so this was very important to us. 

Anyway, I am so happy to share pictures of inside the church! This church was actually suppose to close because it's getting old and hard to maintain, luckily the new Bishop stopped it from happening. It's just absolutely beautiful, and I cannot wait to walk down the aisle in it. The church even has the organ built into it, which is very rare now. The organist and music always sounds so beautiful. 

I truly believe the ceremony is the most important part of your Wedding Day, so to be granted permission to have a full mass with all your loved ones around you, is just amazing to me. 

9 more days! I can't wait!

Have a great night!