Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Memorial Day Weekend

I had an amazing Memorial Day weekend! 
It was such a great kickoff to this summer. :)
Saturday we had the surprise birthday party for my fiance's grandmother. I'd like to share photos from that first.
You're probably wondering why the place didn't add my fiance's grandmothers name.. I wondered the same thing, but didn't get a chance to ask! :/
 Omg.. she had no idea and was really surprised. She was adorable. :)

 Homemade Banana Pound Cake, delicious!

Grilled hot dogs!

Hamburgers.. chicken legs.. ribs.. oh my. 

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Happy Mr. Odie Dodie

Layers of Banana's!

Me and my Fiance.. happy as ever. :)

Laying out in the sun.. even though there was no sun. lol

Pinterest inspired nails. 

That was Sunday, we had a cook out and celebrated my fiance's grandmothers birthday. 
Tomorrow I will post about Memorial Day.
I just got home from work and I'm exhausted!

Morning workout. 
Doing Zumba and a Tighten and Tone class. Excited!

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

3 day weekend! What could get any better?
Started off my Memorial Day weekend by laying out in the sun and reading my beloved Fifty Shades of Grey while eating some delicious blueberries. :)
Is anyone else reading this book? I'm on the third book right now and it just gets better. I don't want it to end. I'm pretty sure I'll be upset when it is. I was originally hoping for it to be a beach read, but unfortunately, it won't last until then.
Does anyone have suggestions for other books I can read? Please comment and give me your recommendations.

Afterwards I did some much needed shopping. I didn't pick up much, just a few things. I'll post another day. 
I met up with a bunch of friends from work to go for drinks at La Tolteca. It's a local Mexican restaurant. Delicious! It was so much fun just sitting outside with good friends and talking. I swear I could do that every night. We talked about all kinds of fun stuff, and our plans for this summer. I can't wait! 

Tomorrow we're having a cook out at my Fiance's house and we're also having a surprise birthday cake for his grandmothers birthday. It's going to be SO much fun. I LOVE cookouts. :)
Memorial Day my Fiance and I are heading up to a local state park to do some kayaking and a hike through the woods
Gosh, I LOVE summer time and it's starting out perfectly. :)
What are your plans for this weekend?!

My delicious frozen Strawberry Margarita. Yum! 

As always,

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

I miss you!!

It's official. 
This has been the longest I have ever not blogged. 
11 full days.

A little update about what's going on in my life:
First, I'm done with my first semester as a senior!!!!! :D Bring on the second. 
In case anyone was wondering, I did really good and I'm so proud of myself. I was really worried this semester. I was taking 5 core Accounting classes all in one semester. It was beyond stressful and I'm so thankful it's all over.

Moving out of our apartment was very stressful. There were tears. Not because I'm going to miss the apartment, but because of the amount of work that went into it. It was just so insane and it couldn't have come at the worst time. We wanted to be out of there that Friday, the day of our last finals. Well, we didn't even begin to pack. Let's just say moving is stressful. I'm still trying to sort things out. 

I'm back to work! Yay! I love seeing all my friends that I haven't seen since Christmas. Missed them SO much, more than they know. :)

Anyway, it's just been very hectic, and since I'm back to work I have less free time, which I don't mind, but at the same time I have less time to blog. I'm sure you understand? ;-) I do miss everyone, and I honestly haven't had the time to go through everyone's blogs to comment on new posts. And to those who left me comments and I haven't responded, I promise I will! :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

I was super excited when Ashley @ MagnoliaGraceStyle emailed and said she gave me an award.
Thank you so much!

Rules for Accepting the award:
1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you
2, Write 7 Random things about yourself
3.Pass on the love to other Bloggers

7 Random Things about myself:

Oh gosh, I always stink at these. 

1.) I'm currently finishing up my 1st semester of my senior year in college! I'll have a Bachelors in Accounting, and I'm so excited to say that! It's seriously one of the hardest things I've done in my life, but it's also the most rewarding. :)

2) As I'm doing this I'm totally procrastinating studying for a final that is tomorrow morning. I can't help it. I've literally studied for 10 hours in the past two days, I can't do it anymore! :-/ I have 3 finals to go and I can not wait! 

3) This is completely random but I'm getting nervous because I'm moving back home soon and I haven't done an apartment tour. And on top of that, I don't even have my camera! I really wanted to share our little apartment and I also wanted to have photos for myself to remember.

4) When my Fiance and I first started dating I didn't want kids.. 9 years later, I'm really really itching for a child. Of course it's not going to happen until after we're married, but still, I really want a child.

5) I also want a Pomeranian when I have my own house. I think they are absolutely adorable and sometimes we go to pet shops just to play with them. Breaks my heart every time I have to leave the dog there.  

6) I am determined to make this summer so much better than last. Last year I found out my parents wanted to have nothing to do with our wedding and it completely ruined my summer. (Long story) Plus my Fiance had summer school every day on top of work so we never got to spend time together. This year I want to plan a ton of fun stuff. We have a beach vacation coming up next month to Long Beach Island! I can't wait!

7) I love to blog, and of course I wouldn't blog without you guys, and with awards like this, it makes it that much more satisfying. :) Thank you again Ashley! 

Ok, that's all, I'm awarding this to anyone who would like to have it! :)

Now it's back to studying. 

Thanks for reading!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Just one of those random things..

My Fiance and I were super random this past weekend..
We snuck away to Atlantic City for 3 nights. 
We definitely deserved it, and it's something we don't do very often. 
On Thursday after his big Statistics exam, we talked about going to Atlantic City since there are no classes this week, just finals, and our finals don't start until Wednesday.
It was completely random.
After his class on Friday, he booked a hotel and off we went. 
I literally had like an hour to pack everything. But I absolutely loved it, being random was the best idea ever. :) Sometimes when you plan something it doesn't always go your way, this couldn't be more perfect. 
I truly love us. He means the world to me, and we had such an amazing weekend away together. 
Originally we planned on staying two nights, but we had so much fun, we booked another while we were there. :)

I have some random photos from the weekend, but they're not good quality because they're off of my iPhone. I so dearly miss my camera sitting on my vanity back at home. :( I think I might hug it when I see it. 

We ended up staying at Trump's Taj Mahal. I'm beginning to love this hotel more and more. It's SO much nicer than the Atlantic City Hilton, and the pillows are AH-mazing. Seriously, I want them. Where do I purchase? lol. 
Plus there is so much more to do at the Taj, so many places to eat, so many different places to drink.

We decided to get my Fiance's car washed, after a 5 hour drive, it was very very dirty, with lots of dead bugs. lol

This is seriously the nicest drive-through car wash we've been through and it was cheap. For $13 they vacuumed, dusted and detailed the car. Plus when you go into the building they have free cappuccinos. Yum! 

A shirt I bought. it's one of those high low tops, this will look adorable with white skinnies. :)

Atlantic City's strip.

HUGE windmills.

My Fiance's milk and cookies. He's such a child sometimes. :P

It was a lot of fun, and a great way to end the semester. 
This will be my LAST spring semester. Can you believe it?! 
This time next year I will be a college graduate. :)

Thanks for reading!