Thursday, May 23, 2013

Goodbye and New Bikinis

Happy Thursday!

Tomorrow is my last day of work before I head off to the cruise on Saturday.
I'm pretty well packed and ready to go.
I just finished doing my nails, which btw look awesome. I will post a photo on instagram. (vzaleski)

So I have some more new things I purchased for the cruise, which include two bikinis and a cover up. 

 photo DSC01782_zps95b1c4fd.jpg  photo DSC01783_zps31d4d805.jpg  photo DSC01784_zpsdfc60205.jpg  photo DSC01785_zps1e1b4a5e.jpg 

Mix and match? Do they match?!?!

  photo DSC01786_zps27a86a88.jpg 

And a cover up from California Sun I believe is the name.


So that will be my attire for most of the week.
But seriously..

I probably won't be able to post tomorrow. 
Unfortunately I couldn't do any guest posts for next week because I will have no way of posting them. :(
No internet for a whole week, I don't know what I'll do!!

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend and I will talk to everyone in about a week! 


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cruise Shopping

Happy Wednesday!

I had a hard time deciding on what purse to bring on the cruise ship.
I don't even know if I'll be carrying a purse half the time.
Will I?
I don't know. 

Either way. I knew I didn't want to carry something big OR heavy. 
I wanted to keep in minimal.
Since I can't use my actual debit card (since I will be linking it up to my room key) what's the point in carrying my big wallet or any of the other items I barely use.

All I need is my room key, passport, cash and my camera. 
I won't even be using my phone! *GASP* (Speaking of that, I don't know what I'll do without my blog, email, instagram, pinterest, or facebook for a WHOLE week)

So anyway, I decided on a small Coach wristlet. But not the tiny ones, I have a tiny one, I bought the size up from that. And since I'm not a big Coach user, I don't know the name of it.I purchased it for $49. Originally $98 at the outlets.

 photo DSC01834_zps5dc8d703.jpg 

 I love the pink color of the tag. 

 photo DSC01835_zps7ed42e38.jpg  photo DSC01836_zps088473d0.jpg 

And my fiance purchased this adorable charm set for me. $19. Perfect for the beach! 

The only thing I worry about is carry it around. But maybe since It's so light it won't be that much of a burden.
Keep your fingers crossed. 

Anyway, I'm exhausted. 
I had such a long day at work, and will have another long day tomorrow. 
I have so much to do to before the cruise.

Have a great night everyone! 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Graduation Outfit & Pictures

Happy Monday!

Saturday was the big day.
College graduation.

I was able to spend it with my family, John and my future mother in law. :)

I have pictures of the outfit I wore {a dress I bought awhile ago} and pictures of the graduation.

Please take note that my ombre is gone. 
I colored over it, and added high lights. 
What do you think?

I didn't add much highlights, just enough to give it dimension. 

 photo IMG_3147_zps3d75626e.jpg  photo IMG_3148_zpsad408d48.jpg 

I Heart Ronson Lace dress 
 photo IMG_3150_zpsc1f3e9c7.jpg 

 Jcpenney flower flip flops. 
 photo DSC01801_zps6bd59d09.jpg 

My parents. <3

  photo DSC01804_zpsd03c034f.jpg 

 Fiance & I.

 photo DSC01805_zps16da879c.jpg

My brother and I.
 photo DSC01809_zps74c5c379.jpg

My mom was crying the whole time. lol

 photo DSC01814_zpsa83cef1c.jpg


 photo DSC01815_zps14a3ed1a.jpg

Lots of roses. haha

  photo DSC01816_zpsb46a3efe.jpg 

 I bought vases from Wal-Mart for .97 each. Cut down the roses a lot and added them to the little vase.

 photo DSC01817_zpse9369fe7.jpg  photo DSC01818_zpsa9cdede1.jpg 

How I decorated my cap. This was a saying I got from a friend right before I went away to school. It's a little sign I have on my desk, and it kept me motivated and going while in school, believe it or not. :)

  photo DSC01840_zps20b80da0.jpg 
Graduation cap charm from my mom. <3 

 photo DSC01841_zpsba1516e4.jpg  photo DSC01842_zps1f488212.jpg

Yayyyy Hello Kitty graduation post it's. I use post it's like crazy at work.

 photo DSC01844_zps634889c8.jpg  photo DSC01845_zps87c7c56a.jpg 

Now that the excitement is all over for graduation, onto prepping for the cruise. :) 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Polka Polka Polka Dots!

Happy Thursday!

You know, I hope polka dots never go out of style.
They're the perfect kind of cute, and suits my personality. 

I bought this button up polka dot from Izod a couple of months ago {I believe?} and I'm finally getting to wear it. It was chilly yet warm enough to pull this off, and what better time to where it but now.

Originally in my head I wanted to pair it with a pencil skirt, but decided against it that morning. 
Instead I paired it with a pair of capri's I bought from New York and Company. 

I have to tell you guys something...

I colored my hair, no more ombre :(

I was getting bored with it to be honest. I was sick of always curling it because it only looked good either curly or well, curly. If I wore it straight there was too drastic color change. I tried making an appointment to get it touched up but she wasn't available the week I went in, so I just colored it a darker color. Tomorrow I'm going to do my own highlights. :)

Anyway, have a great night everyone!  

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pinterest Project - Mothers Day Gift

Happy Wednesday!

I am two days away from graduation and 10 days away from my cruise. 
I can't believe it, time is flying by!

I apologize for not blogging the past two days. 
I am still training for my 5K in July with girls at work, and we had a site visit at the place I work for, so it's been a few late nights for me. 

Anyway, I wanted to share my present for my mom this past Sunday for Mothers Day. 
It's an idea I got off of Pinterest {of course}

 photo 8ea9c832f7b581f821af410cbb70d103_zps00557153.jpg
The only thing I did differently is the bird bath on top. I have no clue where to purchase one. :/ 

  photo IMG_3093_zps6a0f620c.jpg  photo IMG_3095_zpsbc730143.jpg  photo DSC01778_zps534aa094.jpg  photo DSC01780_zpsf5df782d.jpg  photo IMG_3125_zps41284b2b.jpg  photo IMG_3119_zpsfc968fc1.jpg 

The comparison between the two. Pinterest version to your left, mine to the right. 

One thing we did differently was my dad decided to use a pipe and weld in onto a round plate. In the original she used a rebar which only allowed you to plant in the ground. The round plate allows you to put anyway and gives it more stability.
It was a fairly cheap project to do, and a lot of fun. 
My family LOVED it. 

I was really excited to find the same color paint too. 
It's from Home Depot. 
The only complaint I have is that the paint didn't cover well, and I'm afraid it will peel or come up quickly. 
I think I should have sanded it down a little better for the paint to stick a little better. 
But we will see how well it lasts up for the summer. :)

Anyway, have a great Wednesday night! <3

Friday, May 10, 2013

DIY Mothers Day Card; Flower Pot

 Happy Friday!

I'm home at my parents house for the weekend. 
Got lots to do between packing for the cruise and getting things together for my graduation!

Anyway, I have a DIY for a cute Mothers Day card. 
It's a flower pot card, and I got the idea off of Pinterest but designed it the way I liked it, and thought about it. :)

You will need:
  • Scrapbook paper (got a bunch from my best friend)
  • Scissors
  • Embellishments
  • Glue
  • Patience (haha)
 What you will be making:
 photo DSC01773_zps49aaa45e.jpg  photo DSC01767_zps7d8123ba.jpg 

 I put two pieces of scrapbook paper together(facing opposite of each other) and cute my border. The top part is cut un-proportional because of the top of the pot will appear larger. 

 photo DSC01768_zps898ffdc6.jpg 

I didn't have any special cutting scissors, just did it by hand. Glued it to the top of the pot. Also, glue around the edges of your card. The inside is where the message will go. I just used basic elmers glue from wal-mart. :) 
 photo DSC01769_zpsf33fe432.jpg 

 I cut out yellow and the top part I made bigger so I had room to add my flowers to something. 

 photo DSC01770_zpsb45d927b.jpg 

See? The yellow piece goes inside the card. 
 photo DSC01771_zps6902cdca.jpg 

 I hand drew different size flowers and glued them onto the yellow piece. This is what took the most time. And placement. You can also add leaves to it too. I added and glued ribbon too. This will also help your card from falling apart
  photo DSC01772_zps32250312.jpg  photo DSC01773_zps49aaa45e.jpg  photo DSC01774_zpsb3fdd0af.jpg 

Added some stickers to the bottom.

 photo DSC01775_zpse7e2f215.jpg

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pinterest Lately - Outfits

Happy Wednesday!

Unfortunately I didn't have time to take pictures of anything because after work I continued with my running.
I swear it's the biggest stress reliever and don't understand why I didn't start sooner.

Anyway, I decided to share some things I've been pinning lately. :)

 photo 9e67c15a98eef8cfb964aceaa7de830b_zpsd0102219.jpg 

I need a long maxi skit like this. I could wear a tube top under it or a bandeau 

   photo 33bebce8b20744982a703ecf5bb4e61e_zpsfd985154.jpg
  photo 950667dd8a7803ec6a41d98ca8f7d0e4_zps240823b1.jpg 

This is adorable. I need to find a floral tank like that!

 photo cee959f70983d1ae85ae6bb5175ad0ab_zpsb54ebc43.jpg

I love this!
I need more maxi skirts!!

  photo 40bed6e9831a2f29ed475165ffe7cb13_zps28f9b25b.jpg

Just some cute outfits I've been pinning. 

Have a great night! :)