Sunday, June 30, 2013

Follow this blog with Bloglovin & Giveaway Winner Announcement!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin  

I apologize for the second post. For some reason I needed to "claim" my blog on Bloglovin by making a post that includes that.


if you would like to find out the winner of the Sephora Giveaway you will need to follow me through BlogLovin.

I apologize for this.
I will also need you to do this because I will need a way to contact  you.

Thanks so much.

Google Friend Connect moves to BlogLovin & How to Import from GFC

As everyone knows, google friend connect is leaving us tomorrow. :(
I'm so upset because it's so easy to follow blogs through GFC. 

I added a button to my blog on the right hand corner for you to follow me through BlogLovin. 

Also, you can import all the blogs you follow on GFC to BlogLovin.
It's actually pretty simple and I just did it in a few minutes. 

Once you're on your home page go to the blue and white heart icon on your right next to the search bar and hover. You will see an option for "import from google reader"

That's what I did and now I am still able to follow all the blogs I am following through Google Connect. 

Please make sure to follow me! 

Have a great night! :)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Giveaway Ends June 28

Happy Tuesday!

I just wanted to remind everyone that the Sephora Giveaway ends June 28th. 
Please enter here or on the original post.

Please get your entries in soon!

Also I'm currently away at the beach, WITH internet access. 
So I will try to update as often as I can. 
I did a little shopping today and picked up an adorable anchor dress. 
So I may post about that later today. :)

But for now, here's some pictures of the house that will be ours for the week. (I apologize for my finger being in the picture! :/


   photo IMG_3508_zpsaebb6e70.jpg 

We are a block away from the beach, which is the closest I've been to the beach in a long time. 
It's nice not to have to walk so far back and forth. 

But anyway, I will try to post later. 
Have a great day! :)


Thursday, June 20, 2013

"You Need Collagen." Whhhaaatttt? & Looking for Guest Posts!

Happy Thursday!

Guess what? Tomorrow is Friday! :)
My best friend's baby shower is this Sunday and I am BEYOND excited. 

Then I'm heading to LBI for the week with friends. {I know another vacation, I swear I didn't plan it this way!}
So when we were on the cruise we had to cancel our excursion to Atlantis, Bahamas, so we wanted to do something else. So we both decided on doing massages. I never had a massage before so I was feeling a little weird about it. But it was seriously the best thing ever! I need to do it again. 
Anyway, I got a back massage and a facial. 
And after my massage the lady says I needed to start using collage because of my fine lines. 
FINE LINES?!?! Ahhh. 

Needless to say, I purchased a L'oreal collagen moisturizer as soon as I got home. 
So I'm testing it out for now. 

Do you use any anti-aging cream?

 photo DSC02281_zps14a25517.jpg  photo DSC02282_zps3f8673c7.jpg  photo DSC02283_zpsca65c62d.jpg 

 I'm not sure I will be able to blog tomorrow, I'm hoping for Saturday. 

If not I will see you when I get back.
I may be able to blog next week, but just a picture from my phone,...

SOOOO I'm looking for guest bloggers for next week...

If you'd like to do a post on my blog comment below. 

Have a great night.    

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Norwegian Gem Cruise Shopping Haul

Happy Wednesday!

So yesterday I went running with the girls from work, came home around 7:00 and passed out by 8:00. 
I must have been tired!

I was disappointed though, I took photos that morning of the items I purchased and didn't get to blog about them last night. 
So, today is the day! :)

I didn't really buy much because we spent most of our money on excursions and photos while we were there, which is what I really wanted. 
But I did pick up some things. :)

The bracelet I purchased from the Bahamas in the straw market, starfish earrings were purchased on Norwegian, and the ring is from Great Stirrup Cay.

The watch and the scarf were purchased on the boat. 
I bought the watch for running. Although I haven't used it yet :/

   photo DSC02273_zps29747068.jpg  photo DSC02274_zps74cdcf75.jpg 

The cupcake charms are from Universal Studios in Florida. 
They're not any brand name, they were just $7 each. I thought they would look cute with my pink Pandora bracelet though. 

   photo DSC02279_zpscc5ca9b0.jpg  
Have a great night everyone!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Norwegian Gem Cruise 2013

Happy Monday!

I just want to say I had such an amazing weekend and I can't wait to share pictures soon. 
We did a little get away and it was so much fun. :)

I want to share some photos from our cruise. 
Some is an understatement, I want to share a lot, but I'm trying to keep it to a minimum. {Haha}

This was from our last day when we were watching the sunset.  photo DSC02204_zps356f31c4.jpg  photo DSC02205_zpseca5abfe.jpg 

On the back of the boat. 

 photo DSC02195_zps79710f96.jpg 

 Ya, I attempted rock climbing, only got about half way. :( 
 photo DSC02176_zpsa5159778.jpg 

 Our bed room. We got a mid inside stateroom. 

 photo DSC02162_zpsbcd99e06.jpg 


  photo DSC02164_zps1e0617bb.jpg 


  photo DSC02165_zpsa85e2ab8.jpg

Outside bar-b-queing! 

 photo DSC02145_zps17643414.jpg 

Laying out, trying to nap.

  photo DSC02142_zpsa4cc7af9.jpg 

White out party. 

 photo DSC02129_zps0cb43856.jpg 

Dancing with my family. :) 

 photo DSC02122_zps2fc7e575.jpg  photo DSC02116_zpsbff798b0.jpg 

We ate at a specialty restaurant and ordered the chocolate fondue. It was delicious. 

 photo DSC02115_zps902747ca.jpg  photo DSC02099_zpse34750bd.jpg 

 Elephant towel animal.

  photo DSC02090_zpsafe794c5.jpg 

We went to Universal Studios. It was amazing! 

 photo universal7_zps4e5a348f.jpg  photo universal4_zps4ba182e5.jpg 

I have so many more photos. I may do another day of pictures. We also had professional photos done I will share too.

I'm off to bed, goodnight!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Sephora Giveaway Reminder

Happy Friday!

I wanted to give a friendly reminder that I still have a Sephora Deluxe Lip Gloss Sampler Giveaway going on. 
It's been going on for about a month now but I wanted to give it a close date. 

So the official close date for the Sephora giveaway will be Friday, June 28.

In case you didn't see the official post and ways to enter please refer to the following post. 

I'm sorry for completely forgetting about this, a lot was going on in the month of May as you guys know. {Graduation & Cruise}

So here's a picture of what you could receive. 

I'd appreciate it if you could enter on the original post, if not you can enter here. 

In July I will be having another giveaway. 
I'm not sure what yet, so I'm all for suggestions! :)

Have a great weekend everyone, and I will see you on Monday!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sephora, Bath and Body Works Haul

Happy Thursday!

I have a really random haul for you guys today. 
I didn't know what to blog about today because I didn't get a chance to take pictures of anything, plus the weather has been real crappy, so the pictures were have come out real dark.

Anyway, these are items I bought over time, took pictures of, but never posted about them. 
So today is the day!

I picked up this nail polish on sale for half off. Which is such a steal for OPI for Sephora nail polish. 
I don't have a top coat like this, so it'll be a nice addition. 
I used it once, but never took a picture of it. :/

I picked up this body wash from Bath and Body Works when it was on sale.
I believe Bath and Body Works is having their semi annual sale right now?
If they are I need to get there, haha. 


I also picked up these sandals for the cruise, but never got a chance to wear them. {I actually think I forgot about them} But I'm not going to return them, they were super cheap from Ross. I picked these up for $16.99 at Ross (of course, I'm loving it there!). These are also by Tommy Hilfiger. 


I picked up these oven mitts in Philadelphia. 
They match my apron perfectly, it's the same exact fabric. My best friend purchased the apron for me for my birthday two years ago, and I was SO excited to find oven mitts that are the exact same fabric.
 photo DSC01828_zps14c99535.jpg

In other news:

I still have my giveaway going on, but I actually COMPLETELY forgot about it until yesterday when I was cleaning up. 

I'm not sure a lot of people entered so I am going to do another blog post about it. 
I will have a strict end date as well. I will repost about it tomorrow or this weekend!
I'm sorry for forgetting about it!!! :(  

No one really responded about wanting to see pictures from the cruise, but I really would like to do one post dedicated to it. So I may do a post this weekend or one next week. People did respond that they would like to see more personal things so that will be one of them. Not sure I will do it all the time. But I'd like to hear your thoughts! :)

Have a great night!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Weekend Shopping & Fitting Room Pics

Happy Tuesday!

I did some shopping this past weekend. It was so nice to just have a weekend off to do anything we wanted. 
We decided to go to a car show and then went shopping. 

I love Ross, I always find such cute things there and for real cheap. 
I picked up all these items for $50. 
Such a steal. 

 photo DSC02249_zps86a87e7f.jpg  photo DSC02250_zps2a6b79a6.jpg  photo DSC02251_zpsd7c3d47c.jpg  photo DSC02252_zps2d51e5c1.jpg  photo IMG_3361_zps9bd6c3c1.jpg  photo IMG_3362_zps54380862.jpg  photo IMG_3363_zps9db8ddae.jpg 

 I decided against this dress because it was see through. Unfortunately, because it's so cute. 

 photo IMG_3365_zps41067bd2.jpg 

And I didn't pick up these white lace shorts either. But now I'm regretting it. They were only $8.99 

I went to  Kohls today but I really couldn't find much I liked. I think I only picked up two things. 
I may post about that tomorrow. 

Have a great night everyone! 

Monday, June 10, 2013

DIY Fabric Button Earrings

Happy Monday!

So it was a pretty crafty weekend this past weekend. 
I decided to go to Jo Ann fabrics and attempt to make fabric button earrings. 
I went off a YouTube video that I saw for the tutorial and decided to share what I made. 
They're actually really simple to make and so cute!

So these are the kind of earrings I'm talking about. 
They're super easy to make and take very little time.

You will need:
1. Fabric (perfect way to use up those scrap pieces of fabric)
2. Buttons
3. Stud earrings
4. Hot glue

 photo DSC02239_zps5c71f7fb.jpg  photo DSC02241_zps1adb555c.jpg

This is the tutorial I used.
But the back of the button box explains it perfectly as well.

Here's what I made:


So those are some of the earrings I made. 

I went to Joanne's and asked for the smallest amount of fabric allowable and it was 1/8th of a yard. So some of the fabric only cost me .37 and I hardly used any of it so I still have a ton of fabric left over. 

They have so many cute fabrics right now. 
The buttons were $6.99 for a packet of 18. Originally $9.99 but I had a 40% off coupon. 
And the earrings were $1.94 for a 16 pack. 

Anyway, if you have any questions leave me know!