Friday, October 24, 2014

Kohls & K-Mart Haul with Fitting Room Pics

Happy Friday!

 I bought this stuff just a couple weeks ago and already wore most of it. 

I picked up these three items from Kohls recently. 
  • Fila Pullover can be found HERE $32.99 on sale
  • Elle Polka Dot Skirt can be found HERE $19.99 on sale
  • Lauren Conrad Faux Leather leggings can be found HERE $20.99

 I also tried on LC's faux leather skater skirt but passed because I don't know how much use I would get out of it. 

 I also tried on this Fila zip up but it was too expensive, once it goes on sale I will pick it up.

Fila half zip up.

Two items I picked up from K-Mart from their Attention Line. 
Dress can be found HERE $18.89 on sale
Shirt can be found HERE $15.39 on sale

I hope everyone has a nice weekend. 
Even though I did a lot of shopping last weekend I plan on going out again tomorrow. 
I still have some birthday coupons I want to use up since we're going away next weekend! I plan on going to Ulta, Target, Bath & Body Works and JCPenney. 

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Have a great night!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

BIG Sephora Haul!!

Happy Tuesday!

I think I'm getting sick. I felt awful this morning and still have a sore throat. Ugh, I hope this goes away by the weekend! 
I went to two Sephora's this weekend so I picked up a few things that have been on my Pinterest Wish List Board. Which you can view here. It's a useful tool for me when I am out, I don't know if any one else does this? 

Some of the items pictured are also birthday presents from one of my best friends, so I did not purchase everything from Sephora, I believe she picked up some of them from Ulta. 

 Don't worry I'll be doing a better review of these products in a separate post as I use them. 
Below are a list of the items purchased and where you can buy them online:
  • Smashbox Full Exposure Palette $49 HERE
  • Benefit Cheeky Palette $36 HERE
  • IT Cosmetics Radiance Palette $38 HERE
  • Ciate Beach House Collection - on clearance at JCPenney for $11.99 (still full price on website $25) HERE
  • Spa Radiance $35 - found inside JCPenney cannot find online. 
  • Nails Inc. Nail Pen Corrector $11 HERE
  • NYX Lip Cream $6.49 HERE

 This year's Beauty Insider birthday gift!
Makeup Forever mascara & lipstick. 
I don't get the opportunity to use much of Makeup Forever's products because I find that they are kind of expensive, so getting this as a sample to try will be good for me!

 This is definitely a favorite find of mine. 
When I found this online I knew I had to have it. For all 6 of these shadows it only cost $36 and one of the blushes are around $30 and they are decent sized! Not to mention you receive Watt's Up highlighter and a brush to apply the blushes. 

Just look at how pretty all of these are. 
Super excited to try them!

Not to mention they give you a book with different looks you can create! 

I really do love holiday palettes it's the best time to try things because you can get more for your money. 
I have a couple more things on my Wish List but I'll have to go to Ulta to purchase. Which I intend to do this weekend actually! I need to pick up my birthday gift from there as well. :) Don't you just love coupons on your birthday?!

Have a great night.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Birthday Weekend Recap: Philadelphia, Shopping, OOTD's

Happy Monday!

I had an exceptional weekend because not only was it my birthday weekend it was also my three day weekend away from work! :) What more can you ask for?
We headed to Philadelphia for the two nights. 

 Growing out my bangs - finally. I feel like it's been 3 years I've been contemplating getting rid of my bangs. I'm finally doing it and I'm liking my new "found" hair. It's much easier to style and less maintenance. 

 Super blurry picture of my outfit. It was right before we were heading out the door. I'm wearing my jacket from Kohls, TJMaxx jeans, and Rampage booties. 

 Just a couple's selfie. :)

 My fiance is so good to me - he knew we were going to have a hot tub in our room and I told him our Lush's new Halloween & Christmas line came out recently, so even before we got the room he took me to King of Prussia to pick up some things. 

 Which, by the way, you need to get your butts there! They have amazingly cute things!

 This was my basket before checking out. I couldn't help myself. I had so many things on my wish list and considering the closest Lush to me was Philadelphia why not splurge?!

 Outfit # 2: Charlotte Russe sweater/New York & Company polka dot scarf/Lauren Conrad faux leather leggings/Tory Burch Reva flats. I was so nervous about wearing these but surprisingly I got a lot of compliments and a couple people asking where they were from!

 I had to take this picture of all my Lush products lined up by our hot tub. The hotel room was awesome. We stayed at the Hotel Palomar and it had a hot tub in the room over looking the city of Philadelphia. It was just amazing.
 Check out these adorable Ugg Breast Cancer awareness boots? I didn't pick them up but they are adorable!

 We went to Terror Behind the Walls at Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia again and it did not disappoint!

Outfit # 3: Ross sweater/Ross jeans/Rampage booties

 Just another couple's selfie in Love Park.
 How pretty is this?! They colored the water pink in Love Park. I took way too many pictures. 

 We also stopped at Reading Terminal Market to eat on Sunday before heading home and found this adorable plant. It's a Pumpkin Tree, when we spoke with the lady who worked there she said it's actually a form of a pepper!

 I stopped at Bath & Body Works and look what I found, this adorable turkey candle holder. It stayed in the store though - it was $44.50.

 I had my first macaroon this weekend and they did not disappoint!

We picked up all these flowers from the Reading Terminal Market and I made my own arrangement. I was actually able to make two of them. I just LOVE the little pumpkins. 

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Have a great night!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Mini Forever 21 Haul

Happy Friday!

I'm waiting for my fiance to get out of classes before we head to Philly. I'm all packed and ready to go and I'm just painting my nails right now. 
 Stripped tank was on sale for $5.99

 Bunny make up case. I was in need of a new one, mine was getting pretty old and torn up from traveling.

Two new necklaces I blogged about previously. I love the simpleness to them. 

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

What I'm Packing for My Birthday Weekend

Happy Thursday!

Today was another rough day at work but it's ok because at 5:00 I officially started my weekend.  

As I was packing tonight I decided to take pictures to share with you all what I plan on wearing. Not that you won't see them for my "Recap of My Weekend Post" this coming Monday. If you'd like to follow along to my weekend you can add me on snapchat username: vzaleski or Instagram: vzaleski

Mini haul from Kohls - more on this in a separate post. But I plan on wearing the pink and orange Fila hoodie for when we go to Terror Behind the Walls.

 The back of the sweater has a deep v-neck. I am a little worried about wearing the faux leather leggings but I thought this light pink sweater would soften up the look. I've always wanted a pair but I am so worried about wearing them in public! I don't know why! Haha. It's a challenge I'm willing to accept.

Remember when the Alexander McQueen skull scarf was huge? I thought I could wear this when I go to Terror Behind the Walls. 

These two items I picked up at Ross recently. The jeans were on clearance for only $8.99 and are by far the most comfortable part of jeans I've tried on yet. The sweater was $16.99 and has that aztec feel.

 What really drew me into this sweater is the fringe on the bottom of it. I love it!

 I picked up these two necklaces awhile ago from Forever 21. I love the simplicity of them. The one on the left was only $3.80 and the one on the right was $1.80. Got to love the cheap jewelry from Forever 21. 

I don't know if I'll have time to do a blog post tomorrow but I will try! Even if it's short. :)

Have a good night and a good weekend if we don't talk tomorrow! :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: I said Yes to the Dress! & Nails

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

This past weekend I tried on wedding dresses at a local boutique and said yes to the dress. It was such an amazing experience I will never forget. I cried, my mom cried, my MOH cried. It was just an emotional experience and I think it was even more emotional for me because it has taken me SO long to get to this point in my life it finally feels like I'm getting to the right place! 
I was so thankful to have the support of my mom & MOH. 

My original intentions of the trip was to try on wedding dresses so I didn't feel overwhelmed when I went to Kleinfield in New York. I have always wanted to go to Kleinfield ever since I got engaged (5 years ago). We are still planning a trip to go but I don't have any intentions on saying Yes to the Dress there. Which is ok with me because I found thee dress and it's the same dress that they have at Kleinfield but at a much better price. More on this in another post. 

Unfortunately I can't post the pictures of the dress because I don't want anyone to see it until the day! 

For now, I leave you with a picture of the nails I sported for the day. 
"Just Engaged" by Essie 
I thought it was fitting for my trip to try on dresses. 

Just Engaged! is the prettiest light shimmer pink. It would also be perfect for manicures. I'm even contemplating wearing it for the day of our wedding. 

I plan to do a more in depth post about my experience of trying on dresses and my over all experience of shopping for a dress at a later time. I have SO much I want to share. 

For now, this will have to do. 

Have a great night! 

Tomorrow is my Friday since I took Friday off. So I'm up late today and don't even care. Hehe

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My Birthday Outfit for Work

Happy Tuesday & Happy Birthday to me! :)

Let's just say I didn't have the best day. I worked today and I just had one of those days where everything was happening at once. It's ok, I'm still going to be off for three days for the weekend and I'll celebrate then. 
I wanted to share some photos and new accessories from my outfit today! 

Sweater: Charlotte Russe(old)/Skirt: Kohls (will post about in a haul)/Shoes: Target


 Calories don't count on your birthday right?!

A new birthday cake charm from my mom.

 New Purse by Bebe!

I needed this alcoholic beverage after the day I had. 

Have a great night!