Monday, October 12, 2015

Weekend Recap: New Instragram, TJMaxx, Fall Makeup Looks, New Video

Happy Monday!

I'm excited for this week because Wednesday is my birthday! :) I don't typically take my birthday off but this year I decided too, just because. 
Anyway, I didn't do much this weekend but did a lot at the same time, does that make any sense?


I am on the hunt for this nail polish. I have checked my local Ulta AND Kohls. I will keep searching. It is such a pretty color!

I picked up Charlie Brown Christmas stamps for our Christmas cards. Can't wait to send out our first Christmas cards as a married couple. :)

Our Wedding Cake was featured again!

Thursday evening we went to TJMaxx and I came across this cute sign. Too bad we don't have our own home or else I would have got it. I'm going to watch it to see if it goes on clearance and put it away.


I filmed my 21 Days of Beauty Steals Ulta haul. Which is now live and you view here. But I will also be blogging about it this week. 
Sneak peak of my purchases: 

I decided to play around with some of my make up and created this fun fall look using last year's Too Faced La Belle Carousel Christmas 2014 palette. 

 I spent Saturday evening editing the video. This took me a long time to do and I hardly did anything to it, but it literally took me a couple of hours!

And there's the end product. 


We spent our Sunday morning lounging around and watching football. I finally showered and did my makeup to do another video (which will be up tomorrow or Wednesday). I did a look using all of the products in last month's Ipsy bag! I kind of like the way it turned out too.  

GUYSS!! I'm super excited about this. On my new Instagram account (MrsFrostBitten), Stila Cosmetics LIKED my photo!!! Uhhhhh? I am probably the only person in the world who would get excited about this. Haha. 

Sunday I also spent the majority of my evening creating a header for my main page. This actually takes a lot of work. 

So, like I said I was busy but not busy this past weekend. Haha. 

Have a great night!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

New Instagram Account - Please Follow! :)

Happy Sunday!

I'm excited to announce the launch of my new Instagram account! It's been a long time in the making; I finally sat down and just did it. I always felt weird posting on my personal account things for my blog, so I decided to make one dedicated to all my blogger and youtuber stuff. 
Username: MrsFrostBitten

I would really appreciate it if you would follow along there! :)
Have a great night.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Honeymoon Day 6 in Negril Jamaica, Rick's Cafe!

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

Today I am sharing day 6 of our honeymoon to Negril, Jamaica at Couples Resorts.
Click below to see my other posts:

Day 6 which was 4th of July was jammed pack for us!
We scheduled a trip to Rick's Cafe to jump off the cliffs, have our photos professionally taken, and had a dinner on the beach. 

Another beautiful morning in Negril, Jamaica.

The resort put up a USA sign up. 

Rick's Cafe was only a half hour away from our resort. It was smaller than I thought but definitely worth the trip. I also think we got lucky because there wasn't a huge crowd of people. We were told to only go in the morning or late afternoon, otherwise you will get a lot of people visiting around 3:00 or so. 

Look at the beautiful clear water!

There are a couple different heights and I jumped off of the 12 foot one. 
I don't think jumping was scary but trying to swim over to the ladder was scary! The current was taking me in all different directions. Every 7th wave is a rough one and I just so happened to miss that wave when I was jumping. But the current was still bad underneath. 

You don't have to pay to jump off the cliffs or anything, but you literally jump at your own risk. There is no one there to help if you need it. 

We were going to eat at the bar and cafe but we're on a short time frame so we just ordered two drinks and looked over the menu. It looked and sounded delicious!

Later that night we both got dressed up and headed out to take our professional photos!

My hubby loves his selfies, unfortunately this one is a little blurry. 

This was our view for our beach front dinner. It was absolutely beautiful. Hubby tried wine for the first time and didn't like it. We also had champagne and had a 3 course dinner. It was so yummy!

Both of our rings and his wedding gift I got him; the Movado watch he is wearing. 

As if we didn't have enough food we decided to check out the buffet for that evening. They were having an all American buffet. We were so stuffed we only had desserts. 

This was the whole resort at night time, I think it's one of my favorite shots from the trip.

Since it was the 4th of July I brought out my american flag sweater. 

Afterwards we decided to just lounge on the hammocks. 

It was such an amazing and fun-filled day. 
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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Lorac Mega Pro Palette 2 GIVEAWAY & New YouTube Channel

Happy Tuesday:

This will be short and sweet because I don't have much time today. 
But as I previously mentioned to kick off my new YouTube account I am giving away a Lorac Mega Pro Palette 2! All you have to do is subscribe to my new channel and comment on the video.

Check out my new channel here:

And watch the video here, but don't forget to subscribe and comment!
Winner will be randomly chosen on October 31st.

Thanks SO much!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Weekend Recap: Lorac Mega Pro 2 GIVEAWAY, Bath & Body Works Fall Stuff and NOTD

Happy Monday!

I am pretty excited for this Monday because it's the last day my boss will be there before he goes away to a conference. Haha. Does any one else get excited for small things like this?
I am back to uploading YouTube videos! And to kick that off I am reviewing the Lorac Mega Pro 2 palette AND giving one away! Please go to my YouTube account to enter. (more on this in a separate post)

Right after work I made the YouTube video(3 hour process!) we headed home for the weekend. I was so exhausted from work that I slept from 10:00 Friday night till 10:00 Saturday morning. 


 I haven't seen my family in over a month so it was nice to have some quality time together. 
My mom & I took a trip to Bath & Body Works to see their new fall stuff.

I love the ghost candle holder and soap dispenser. 
Right now, with any Bath & Body Works purchase you get the Christmas coupon book filled with 3 great coupons! 

Spooky Vanilla smells ah-mazing!

 I came home to a bunch of comments on my YouTube video and this one really made my day!

I am also self teaching myself how to edit my videos, something that really, really intimidated me! After playing around with a couple softwares and many hours I think I'm ok, at best. I have a lot of learning to do, but I am happy I am getting back into it. 


Sundays are my days for lounging around. Sweetie was lounging around with me. :)

I took some blog photos for upcoming posts and these were the candles my mom & I picked up. 

Sunday I also painted my nails. I am using this set right here from Ulta. I really love the pink glitter one. More on this another day. 

Have a great Monday night!  

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Lorac Mega Pro Palette 2 Preview

Happy Thursday!

I had an absolutely horrible day at work today (all week actually), so to come home to a package from Ulta will always instantly turn my mood around. 
I ordered the Lorac Mega Pro Palette 2 this past weekend and am SO excited it's finally here! 

I have been playing around with it for the last hour or so and then starting comparing it to the first Mega Pro Palette. 

Today I am sharing just a few snap shots of what I took with my iPhone (so not the best of quality).

My two favorite colors thus far are:
Tangerine and Gold Leaf
I don't think I own any orange eye shadows! Do you?

I pulled out my original Mega Pro Palette just to compare. I think I only see one color the same - black!

Anyway, this is just a preview for right now. Can't wait to swatch all the colors and play with eye looks!
If you're looking to purchase this palette it will be out October 4th in stores. 

By the way, 
Happy October!!!