Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Welcome to my life...

Where to even start... This is my first time on blogger.. I've always used livejournal before this. I'm mostly starting this blog to meet new people and keep track of my shopping problem. lol I buy so much stuff, half the time I forget about it.. maybe this will be a good way of keeping track of my stuff..
I go out a lot. I love going to new places and meeting new people. I love having a good time. And I love to surround myself with only positive people! I hate hate drama... please keep it away from me at all costs! I love surprise getaways, and vacations at the beach.
I love shopping and my closet proves it. I have a slight obsession with makeup... I can't stop buying it. I also love anything to do with hair. I love to try out new things and do new stuff to my hair. I hope to share all this with everyone, and hope to even help people out.
I have a wonderful boyfriend of 6 years now. He's my everything, and I don't know if I could live without him. <3
I'm in school for Accounting and minoring in Business Management. That's all about that...
Anyway, hope you enjoy!!!