Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Body Shop Facial Brush

What the website claims: Best if you want to: Get a more radiant complexion with a soft-bristle face brush that gently loosens dead skin cells and impurities while stimulating the circulation.

Suitable For: All Skin Types
# Features: Fits neatly in the palm of your hand for maximum control.
# The soft bristles are made from nylon and 100% vegetarian.

My Opinion I've been using this facial brush for the last week, and I absolutely love this and felt the need to blog about it. I went to The Body Shop and randomly found this little treasure. I use a cleanser, but I rarely exfoliate(even though I know I should!) so I never feel like my skin gets a good cleaning. So I tried this brush with my cleanser I use now. First off, I must say I love this. It's such a GOOD idea! So I was cleaning my face with the brush and as I was cleaning it, I noticed dead skin coming off(gross I know) and after I washed my face, it look so much more radiant, and felt so soft!
I wouldn't recommend using this everyday, as the bristles could be tough, depending on your skin type. But I've been using it twice a week. I'm hopeful that this will clean out my pores a little better, than my normal routine.

Price? $3.00! 3 lousy dollars. It's worth a try!


Noobarella said...

Ohhhhhhh great post, might have to get this! Would work amazing with my Lush cleanser =D xx

LANA~ said...

man I need to try that it sounds so awesome~

lindah said...

Really $3?!?! That's it? o_O It wasn't on sale right?!?! LOL, I'ma go take a look at that :) Lately my cleanser isn't deep enough because I've been breaking out! :(

lindah said...

Hey I bought this today :) !! Can't wait to try it out LOL :X