Saturday, April 24, 2010


I'm so sorry I haven't blogged or made a new YouTube video. I've been so crammed with school work it's unreal. I feel like all my professors decided to have papers due and tests on the same day! I swear they're out to get me... grrr. Anyone else ever feel like that? I've also been very busy with transferring schools, plus John and I are getting an apartment together!! Isn't that exciting???!!! So I promise to be back soon. Once I get all my school work done anyway. :( Love you's!!


Sassy J'adore said...

Don't worry girl!
Take your time. Wish you good luck with the exams and papers. =)

Hope you're having a lovely weekend.

Unknown said...

yea finals are soooo stresful!! Good luck!!

Also I gave you an award on my blog. here is the link if you wish to check it out.

Schnelle said...

Congrats on the apartment! That's super exciting. Where are you transferring to?

P.S I left a response to your comment on the dresses on my page ;)

Rohini said...

I am so awful at regular posting. But finals are most definitely a good excuse to not post. Do well, yes? ;)