Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How much is too much lip gloss?


I've been spring cleaning a lot lately since I don't have any school work. And I decided to go through my make up. And I was just wondering, how many lip glosses/chap sticks do you have? I realized I have a whole drawer filled! And that's with consolidating!!


SO how many lippys do you girls have? Post it on your blog, maybe we can make this a tag!!


Celia said...

haha damn.
i had to throw a lot of my chappy and lipglosses away or give them away. in terms of those smackers or bonebell stuff - i have 2. lol. dr. pepper is a staple.

and other lip stuff, not much. i would round it to 20 for all glosses... prolly even less. i have more lipsticks.

K said...

thats alot there^^~ i always use up my lip balms and glosses real quick. or my brother steals them (the lip salves that is.lol. would be worrying if it was my glosses)~ xx

Unknown said...

wow that is a lot of gloss! hehe idk how many i have. but i do have a few of the same ones as you. I love Rimmel London Cookie flavor gloss!!!! it smells sooo good

Erica said...

That's a whole lotta gloss! But we can never have too much gloss or handbags I always say!

sarah97xox said...

about 20

*~kAy~* said...

wow! I definitely don't have as much as you, that's for sure :P
I keep on losing mine all the time >< especially chap sticks ><