Thursday, April 21, 2011

What I use as my Fashion Inspiration

I seen a post by blogger J's Everyday Fashion about how she's inspired for her outfit posts. I absolutely love the way she dresses and I love how she posts where she was inspired to do that outfit. And she uses things that are already in her closet. You should really check it out.

About a year ago I started to do the same thing. But in my own way. When I would look at magazines (And I mean any kind of magazines, Victoria Secret Sale Magazines, Alloy magazines, Delias Magazines and of course, Glamour Magazines, and In-Style magazines) I would look at them to see what kind of outfit they're wearing, and if I own something like it I would recreate it in my own way, with my own clothing.

You don't have to always buy the expensive items that you see in the magazines, a lot of stores recreate them in their own way, and in a cheaper way. So, from the magazines I would cut out the photos of outfits I would like to wear, or I'm inspired from, and I created my own little "Scrapbook". Some people use cork boards and post photos of outfits they like, well I use a little book. haha.

My Inspiration Book... in the making







Left overs I didn't put into my scrapbook.

So don't just throw away your magazines, if you like outfits in the magazines that you can re-create with clothes you already have, or even outfits that you'd like to re-create by going out and buying cheaper versions, or of course if you could afford the actual versions, do that too. :)

I know in the blog post by J's Everyday Fashion she posted another one of her 6 inspirations forms is outfits from other bloggers and also outfits from online websites. So I recently created a folder in my Pictures library of Inspirational outfits and use that to refer to. :)

Have fun with it!


Natasha xoxo said...

too cute! a friend of mine takes all my magazines at the end of the month and recycles it! I'll see if i can find the company's website address... and if you're interested, please ship to them! :)

xo, tasha
twenty-something blog

Sally said...

That's really smart. I try to just remember things and I really don't remember much lol. Sometimes I take photos with my phone. Gotta get it together. Love your style book.

JuLiAnnE @ Bathroom Dancer said...

This is such a great idea. I always need inspiration. I cannot seem to be able to match my own clothes. :(

k come karolina said...

lve the notebook!!!

xoxo from rome

Magpieburns aka Jupiterfalls said...

oh my - your post just hit the spot.
Im just bloggin about what to do with my mags.
Im a cutter outerer!
I have 3 or 4 different notebooks for my cut outs.

Thanks for posting this - oh and i love the quiz - i ticked yes for each one haha