Saturday, January 11, 2014

My Christmas 2013

Happy Saturday!

I'm going to be splitting up my Christmas posts into:
 1) My Christmas 
2)Christmas Presents. 
For today's post I'll be talking about my Christmas. 

Christmas always goes by so quickly, I wish there was more time to enjoy it. 
Living far away from my family and friends makes my time even more valuable. I wish I had more time to spend with everyone, but it's almost near impossible. 
This year I was able to take off some time from work to visit family so I was thankful for that. 

Christmas Eve is a big deal for my fiance's family. 
Unfortunately, this year my fiance had to work and couldn't be home until around 8:00. 

I went to church with my family and had dinner, but it just wasn't the same without him there. 
He had a horrible drive home with the snow as well. He actually got into an accident while he was working, an oversize tracker trailer couldn't stop and hit his work car pretty bad. Anyway, he's ok, but Christmas Eve just wasn't the same. 

We opened up presents at his house that night, and I forgot to take any pictures besides some on my phone (stupid me!) There's always SO much excitement that night. I have this adorable video on his dog opening up a present I got him, it was absolutely adorable!

Anyway, the following pictures are from when my fiance and I were opening up presents...

The fiance surprised me with two things:
1) Tory Burch Reva flats
 photo 20131225_173602_zpsb143f4fc.jpg

2.) Ugg Genevieve! (wearing)
Also notice my awesome new hat I got, that I wore the rest of the day! It's from H&M

 photo 20131225_173710_zps1311c045.jpg

I surprised John with a PS4. But I'm pretty sure I was more excited than he was. Haha.

 photo 20131225_173513_zps7882d975.jpg 

 I found this shirt in Old Navy, he loves to say "Like a boss" so this is perfect for him! haha  photo 20131225_163535_zps4d56f11c.jpg 

We also have an annual Christmas party with our aunts, uncles & cousins. 
It was a lot of fun! 

 photo 20131226_190153_zps6ae1e220.jpg 

Grayson came too!

 photo 20131226_200253_zpsb113fa4f.jpg 

At this point I may not be in the right state of mind...
Best Friends!

 photo 20131226_200934_zps7328e001.jpg

 photo 20131226_202424_zpse53925e5.jpg 

Dad & I, we were the official bartenders for the night. :) Let's just say I wasn't very good at it towards the end of the night. 

 photo 20131226_202449_zps4a0805ee.jpg 


 photo 20131226_203110_zps2bab4edc.jpg 
How was everyone's Christmas?