Monday, March 30, 2015

Weekend Recap: DIY Bridal Wishing Well, OOTD, Old Navy

Happy Monday!

Today I'm sharing a little bit about my past weekend. It was a quiet yet eventful weekend if that makes sense?
I am currently on the hunt for a dress for my bridal shower I just don't know how to dress! It's at the end of April and I just don't know what the weather will be like! My mom bought a sleeveless dress but I am a little weary. What do you guys think I should go for? I'm thinking a dress with 3 quarter length sleeves.
This dress is from New York and Company and I'm loving it but worried it's too old lady-ish?

Michaels posted this cute image of DIY sequin Easter eggs I'd like to try out! Maybe next year when things calm down a bit! 

I'm also getting ready to purchase invitations. Here are some that I like:

Here's a picture of my wishing well completed thanks to my wonderful father. I love it so much I want to put it in our yard - whenever we get one of those that is!

Look at the amazing work he did! I just love all the little details. I liked to think I get my craftiness from my dad. :) 

I also took a trip to Ulta and NYX finally stocked the Highlight/Contour Wondersticks. I have literally been looking for this since Christmas. I came to the conclusion that Pinterest lied when I saw the pin, but it does exist! And of course by the time I find them they're all sold out! Boooo. 
I did, however, find them at Christmas Tree Shop later that day so I picked it up there. :) Can't wait to test. 

Making my fiance Gertrude Hawk chocolate covered strawberries is always a must for Easter. So I picked up the $1 candy bars and maybe one for myself. ;)

I made a trip to the Christmas Tree Shop, of course. I got some cute things there as well. But I didn't take any pictures. 

I went to Old Navy - just because. I am craving all these Spring clothing items. 
This is what I wore:
Long Beach Island hoodie/Vicki's yoga pants/Payless tennis shoes
Don't mind my awful roots! 

Hey! Check out my Christmas socks!!!! 
I picked up this summer dress for $15!

Sunday's are always uneventful for me and I like it that way! I finally took the time to color my hair, as you can see from my previous post it was much needed. Haha 
Have a great night!


Schnelle said...

I love that floral dress- if it's cold maybe you could throw a cardigan over it? The old navy dress is really pretty and classic too. Your dad is so sweet for making that beautiful wishing well- what a nice moms to to have through the years!

Holly said...

Love the dress you bought! And the floral one, too. I don't think its too old lady ;) I'd probably wear platform heeled sandals with it to keep it looking young...

And how sweet of your dad!