Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Weekend Recap: Florist, Philosophy & Washi Tape

Happy Tuesday!

I got a text this morning from my dad stating there are only 17 days until Spring! 
The weather was horrific here today, so bad I left work at 1 today because of the amount of snow and sleet we got. Working from home is nice. :)
 So I am really looking forward to the Spring! I don't know about you, but this winter seems like it's dragging. 


On Thursday I got my blood work taken for this Wellness program through our health insurance. I got the blood work taken for my cholesterol levels and you will not believe what the nurse did to me. First I'd like to say that I work for a health clinic and the nurses there did not perform the blood work but our health insurance plan had nurses come in. Anyway, see what happened:

I apologize for the graphic-ness of this but I had to share. By Friday this is what my arm looked like and it didn't stay like this, the blood that was draining in my arm actually went down to my wrist!
 I had one of the doctors where I work(a benefit of where I work - thank God!) and they said that it will be fine and that the nurse didn't puncture an artery (thankfully). Has this happened to anyone else? This was truly so scary for me. I'm afraid to get blood work for our Wedding now! I don't want my arm looking like this on our wedding day. I need to research how much in advance I can get blood work done so I can avoid this!

Friday we also met with our Florist and we are officially booked! Here are some inspirational pictures I took with me:

Friday also marked the 4 month mark until our wedding!!


I finally started to use some of the samples I've been accumulating (almost embarrassing how many I have!). Since I've been breaking out so badly (which by the way, I recently saw a dermatologist for, more on that later), I wanted to try this sample out. I've heard a lot of good things about Philosophy products but have only used their body washes and body lotions. 
I've used this sample about 3 times now and surprisingly no break outs so far - at least no new ones. I may want to consider a full size.  

Saturday I took the time to take blog pictures and clean our closet (something I've been wanting to do for a while). While I was doing that I decided to burn the Bath & Body Works Vanilla Snowflake - smells amazing!
 I have accumulated so many candles that I made a promise to myself that I would not purchase any more until some of mine are gone!

I went to the Dollar Tree just to get out of the house for a little bit because I've been seeing all these cute washi tapes on Instagram from there I wanted to check it out. 
Low and behold I found these beauties while I was there. I'll be using them for my Erin Condren Life Planner. I want to get some green washi tape for March weeks. Any ideas???

I have nothing to share from Sunday. My fiance & I literally laid around watching Netflix all day!

Have a great night!


Schnelle said...

Oh that looks so painful! It happened to me when I went for pregnancy blood work. I have small veins and they had a hard time. Such a nightmare! Hope it heals soon.
Purity is the best! Try it and I promise it will hook you and change your life... and your complexion! I'm obsessed with that stuff!

Holly said...

Yikes!! That's crazy! I hate having blood drawn- I do really poorly with it. They have to sit me in a special chair in the back so I can recover haha. Such a baby! But it's so exciting to hear about your florist!! Wedding planning is such a fun time :)