Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Our Custom Made Pink & Orange Wedding Invitations

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

I am hoping (and praying) that it is ok to post our wedding invitations. I am almost certain everyone who reads this blog has gotten their invitation. 
I am not even going to going into the horrific experience I went through to get these invitations. I am not even going to give credit to the company that custom made these, because even though they are beautiful it took me well over a month and a half to receive them(when we were told only two weeks)... 

Today I am sharing our pink and orange wedding invitations. 

This is the inside flaps.

If I could block the company name I would... 
Here's how they came, all wrapped pretty in a bow. :)

All the outside bows were pre-tied so all we needed to do was put them onto the outside of the invitation.

RSVP cards

We paid the extra $2 per invitation to get the names addressed so all we needed to do was send them out. 

This is the invite. 

Our RSVP cards. 
Our dinner options are:
Mahi with Mango Salsa
Stuffed Chicken
Petite Lobster with Beef Tenderloin
Kids Meal

On our RSVP cards you will also notice you can reply on our website. In case you don't feel like mailing. On our website is also additional information about hotel accommodations (since we are having most of our guests travel and don't know the area, this is a good idea).

This is the outside of the invitation with the bow attached. 

I truly LOVE our invitations but it took hell to get them. As quick as we got them was as quick as they went out the door. And then it took longer for people to receive them so that was another headache wondering if anyone received their invitations. 

I guess throughout this whole wedding planning experience if this is the only headache I've had, I guess I shouldn't complain. I am thankful and they are beautiful.

I hope you enjoy!


Holly said...

These are beautiful! Awful that they gave you a headache, but try not to let it get you down! You're only doing this once :) I love your colors- and the dinner sounds delicious! I wouldn't be able to pick!