Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Pictures from Our Wedding Day

Happy Wedding Wednesday!!

Today I am sharing 4 photos that we got back from our photographers - I'm still patiently waiting for the remaining.... 
Whenever I look at these photos I tear up. 

I know every girl says this about their wedding, but it was seriously the most magical day for me. It's a day I will never forget. 
I'm currently trying to make our first Christmas cards as Mr. & Mrs. and I am having a blast and figured I would share these photos on my blog! :)


The following two photos were taken with my father's classic car and at my work. Our pictures after the ceremony weren't suppose to happen here! It actually rained on our wedding day so I had to come up with a place to take pictures the day before our wedding day. Where I work actually holds weddings so I figured pictures inside would be beautiful. Luckily for us, it stopped raining when we got there so we took pictures outside!

So far, I am very pleased with our photos!!! 
I cannot wait to get more of them. 

Best. Day. Ever.