Monday, November 2, 2015

Weekend Recap: Halloween, Ulta Trip, ColourPop Holiday Released & New Videos

Happy Monday!

I CANNOT believe it's November! 

Where did 2015 go? It's amazing how quickly this year went by for me. It was such a great year for me I couldn't be more thankful. 
Friday we were able to dress up for work so I decided to go as Minnie Mouse because I thought I had a set of eyelashes I wanted to use that would be perfect for the Minnie Mouse costume - FAIL. I never even bought them, when I thought I did... Hahaha. None the less I still decided to go as Minnie Mouse. 

I didn't have an actual costume and I wanted it to be work appropriate so I decided to wear a red skirt, black blazer, and minnie mouse ears I purchased off eBay for only $4.95. I also already had polka dotted pantyhose and did my nails with polka dots. Polka dot overload!

Here's a picture of my whole outfit and a co-worker. Everyone around here are HUGE Penn State fans, so she wore her jersey. :) To the right is my office... just a little sneak peak into my daily life. haha

Friday was date night for the hubby & I. After work we went to Olive Garden because we were both craving it. I had to get my ring inspected so we went to the mall and I snuck in a trip to Ulta. :)
At Olive Garden we shared a pumpkin cheesecake, it was actually very yummy!

I filmed a makeup tutorial on my YouTube channel for my Minnie Mouse costume and I filmed a haul of the Wet N Wild Disney Villians collection. Go check it out! :)
Click HERE for my YouTube channel.
I had to run to Wal-Mart for some things to make dinner and wandered into the makeup aisle. Physician Formula finally released their shimmer line. I took a couple of pictures to show you guys. 
I actually picked up the palette below, but haven't used it yet. It was only $8.97!

They also have shimmer eyeliners (I have been using their eyeliner lately and LOVE it) and shimmer gel cream shadows. 

This is the actual outfit I sported on Halloween. :)
The sweater is from Kohls. 

This is the makeup look I filmed. 

Go check it out!
Click HERE for my channel.
Officially the first day of November and we got an extra hour of sleep. It was beautiful! What did I do with my extra hour? Took a nap for exactly an hour and it was a beautiful thing. 

Also, Pandora recently released their holiday line and how adorable is this red nosed reindeer?

I tried Sheetz Reese's peanut butter hot chocolate - YUCK. I don't recommend. 

Also, last but not least ColourPop released their holiday sets today! I have been wanting to try their lippies but just haven't and I don't know why. Since they came out with a kit of 6 for only $30 I would pick one up. From what I understand their holiday sets don't stick around long, so if I were you, I would order a set soon. There's also a eyeshadow set(which I'm contemplating) and a gel/liner set. If you purchase all 3 right now they're offering 20% off. But I have my eyes on other things for the upcoming VIB sale that I decided to pass and just get this set. 
Anyway to check out their holiday line click here. I used coupon code THANKSBABE for $5 off, which essentially covers the shipping that is $5. 

Have a great night!