Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend Shopping: Forever 21

Tomorrow I'm heading back to school to start my finals. Boo. Luckily for me I only have finals Tuesday & Wednesday, so I'll be out of their on Thursday! :D It's going to be a very hectic two days for me though. I have to finish packing everything up at our apartment to bring home. Over the past 3 or 4 weekends I've been bringing things home to lighten our load. But this will be our last and final trip home. The fiance and I are keeping our kitchen & bathroom things there because we'll be transferred to a new apartment in the fall, and plus we have the apartment there until the end of July. No need to haul everything home.

I have a little bit of a wedding update! My father and I spoke to the priest this past Sunday about requesting him to do our ceremony, and I made an appointment to meet with the priest this Friday. My father even suggested it!! And no, my family and I never had another talk with my family about the wedding, just this. But thought I would update. Ahhh, what to wear, what to wear. I'm also kind of nervous to talk to the priest, I'm not really quite sure how this works.

Anyway, the fiance & his brother went to the outlets near where I live and I wanted to check out the new Forever 21, and unfortunately it's not an actual outlet it's just a regular store. I didn't have much time to shop, so I just picked up 2 things from there. We actually went down there because we had to stop by the Movado store because my fiance's Movado watch's clasp wasn't working properly. He also looked at Movado watches to buy for his Groomsmen.

Forever 21

$5.50 PJ Shorts.


I've been looking for the perfect Spring floral scarf, and I think I finally found it! $8.80

It's pretty wide too, I like wide scarfs, they looks fuller.

The fiance and I also looked around at houses today. Sometimes we do that, just randomly look at developments in our area to get a good idea of what kind of house we'd like and where we'd like to live. Does anyone else do this?! lol. When we were driving around the development we spotted all these deer! One even stopped dead by our car so I had to snap a picture. haha.


Anyway, wish me luck, finals tomorrow!! Have a good week everyone!


Natasha xoxo said...

The BF and I always stop and look at homes as well, lol...even on vacation :)

xo, tasha
twenty-something blog

Beautygirl24 said...

I want those cupcake pj's! So cute! Good luck with finals and everything =)

*~kAy~* said...

Wow! so nice that your dad was the one to be the one to mention that! :) yayy!!!!! Its pretty good huh even though you didn't get to talk much about the wedding? :3
So exciting!! :3

Good luck on your finals! <3

and omg! great shot of the deer! :P