Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas cookies, DIY wreath & OOTD

Yesterday the fiance and I didn't have classes.. on the same day! It was so exciting because we never have a day off. So it was nice. 

In the morning I decided to bake from Sugar Cookies from an app I got on my iPhone. I was very impressed with myself, homemade cookies and homemade icing. :) The fiance was pleased. haha. 

I also spent the morning making a wreath for my fiance's mom to put on her front door. I love making things for her. :) It makes me happy. 

I'm heading home this weekend, again, to work. I'm excited though because I need to legit start Christmas shopping.. haha. Anyway, here's some photos. 

OOTD the day for classes.. Wet Seal vest, Plain Black Tee, Decree jeans, and NY&C flats. 


Natasha xoxo said...

The cookies look amazing! Love that grey sweater vest :) xo, tasha

Schnelle said...

Those cookies look delish and they are so pretty too! I need to make some cookies this weekend! Love the outfit- those flats are my favorite!