Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Christmas Eve

I had such a wonderful Christmas spending it with all the people I love. 

Christmas eve I had work, church, and dinner with my family. Later on in the night I headed over to my fiance's house to exchange presents with his family. It was a lot of fun, and I'm so thankful for the beautiful gifts I got. 

I decided to share some photos from the night. I hope you enjoy. 

My future mother-in-laws dog, I was trying to get a picture of him next to the tree, this is the best I could get. Fail.

 My fiance's brother opening up his present.

Such a horrible picture of my beautiful cat Nana.. I bought her a bunch of treats for Christmas and put them in a little gift bag. 

Letting Nana pick which treats she wants. 

My fiance's mom smelling the candle I got her from Bath and Body Works. 

Blue Rays for his new blue ray player. 

I always give my fiance one present for Christmas Eve, and this year it was air freshners. :)

Mr. Odie is tired after all the presents haha.. 

I had such a great night. Was up till 1 in the morning opening presents with them. Had so much fun. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas Eve as well. Soon I'll post photos from Christmas. But tomorrow is my family's annual Christmas party, so there will be lots of photos to be taken. And I'm really excited!!


Schnelle said...

awww sounds like you had a great holiday!