Monday, December 19, 2011


My dad always buys my mom some type of jewelry for Christmas, and this year he decided to go with a Pandora bracelet. He wanted me to go with him to pick out the charms and the type of bracelet. Well, I think I'm in love with the Pandora bracelet. I wasn't a huge fan of Pandora because I thought it was silly to spend so much of such a small charm. (But who am I kidding, I spend that much on Juicy charms) Now that I looked and put on a Pandora bracelet I'm longing for one. 

I feel like it's the type of bracelet I would wear everyday. My Juicy Couture bracelet I only wear once in a while because of how heavy the charms are I'm afraid of losing it. 

Anyway, my dad bought a bunch of charms for her starter bracelet and I also bought her the elephant charm. But I figured since I'm on the subject of Pandora I'd like to post some photos of the charms I like. 

What charms do you have? Do you like your Pandora bracelet?