Monday, April 16, 2012

Pandora Charms Alternatives - Hallmark Connections

The other day Fiance and I were browsing through the jewelry department at Walmart because I was looking for a cheap bangle I could use to make something I seen on Pinterest. Fiance points out all these charms in the jewelry cases. They were adorable and only $10-14 a piece, and some came with 3 beads in each.

I picked up the cupcake charm.. of course. It was only $10. 
But they have so many other types. And the best part? 
They fit Pandora bracelets.
Hallmark Connections does sell their own bracelets too. 
I thought this would be a great cheap alternative to the Pandora beads or if you wanted to start your daughter her own Hallmark Connections charm bracelet without freaking out that she'll lose it! 

The cupcake charm in comparison with the other Pandora beads. About the same size, maybe a little smaller.

Here's a link to Walmart's Hallmark collection. Check it out! Here.

Just a little side note... this week is going to be absolutely awful for me. I have an exam tonight, an exam tomorrow morning at 8AM. Homework assignment due after that. I have a Tax Exam Thursday and I'm still working on my Audit Case for a company that is due Friday. :( 
So please excuse the lack of posts this week. :(

Thanks for reading!


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A cupcake - how perfect for you! ;)

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