Friday, April 27, 2012

Tarte LipSurgence Tint

The wonderful Fiance let me borrow his phone to take all of these photos.
Isn't he the greatest? :)

Anyway, there's a little story behind this Tarte lip tint. 
I asked the Fiance for this Tarte Limited Edition LipSurgence collection during Christmas time.
As everyone knows they were completely sold out everywhere. :(
So my Fiance found it on and purchased it, and paid almost double for it just so I can have it for Christmas.
He's too good to me. :)
Anyway, unfortunately, it got "lost" in the mail and the lady had to refund him. 
Low and behold, when we went home this past weekend, there it was. "Un-lost"

I couldn't even tell you my excitement, I was just too excited and couldn't believe it!! 
Anyway, this is so old and I'm sure everyone has seen this already but I took photos of it, and I also took swatches for you, because I believe the colors are still available. 

 From left to right: 
Glitzy, Perky, Flashy, Swank, and Dazzled.

Also, my Fiance surprised me with a NookColor tablet holder. We're heading to the beach in late June and I wanted something to protect it from the sand. But I normally just use it around the apartment, in my room. So I didn't really need a case for it..
I found one at Target I really, really liked but it was $30! 
I couldn't bring myself to buy it. 
But he found one on ebay for half the price. (Can you tell he's a huge fan of eBay?)
I absolutely LOVE it!

So what do you guys think about his camera quality on his phone?
Not bad right?
It has so many different setting including Macro! 
Needless to say I was very impressed.
And the quality isn't that bad either!!

Happy Friday everyone!


Thanks for reading!


Beautygirl24 said...

Oooo, I love the new layout sweetie! It looks great!

I should try these tarte lipstains. I'm really into lip stains, and these look perfect.

Chelsea **A Bit of Sass** said...

What a good fiance! I was just at Sephora looking at the Tarte lip tints - can't wait to get one or two myself:)

Schnelle said...

What a sweetheart he is! Those glosses are so pretty, great colors.

slewis35030 said...

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slewis35030 said...

You should check out Perpetual Kid website, they have a whole section dedicated to cupcak lovers.