Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Atlantic City & Outfits

I must say, I am overwhelmed with the positive response I got about my exciting news. 
It makes me so happy to hear all your positive feedback. :)
Thanks so much for taking the time to read about my exciting announcements!

I know, I realize I'm being a bad blogger, but I promise once all the hectic-ness is over I'll be blogging regularly!

This thursday my family and I are going to pick up our bedroom suite. 
I look forward to posting everything. 
I'm in desperate need of a comforter set, and I'm still looking but haven't found anything.
Actually I really don't know the color scheme I'm going with.
It's tough!

Anyway, I am going to share some photos from Atlantic City when we went the previous week. 
I'm actually really disappointed in myself, I did not take one photo with my camera, it was all with my iPhone, and you know how I feel about my iPhone camera. 
But I'm kind of obsessed with Instagram at the moment, and I was uploading all kinds of fun photos to there. 
If you're not already following me my user name is vzaleski

Day 1

My nails for the day. Revlon Fuchsia Pop and Sephora by OPI Rose Gold Glitter.

 July 31st, beach, here I come.

My Fiance purchased a Kool-Aid Burst for me, I LOVE these!
I haven't had one in SO long, I didn't even know they still made them.

Yes, I took this picture while we were driving. :P

My huge plate of desserts.
We went to Ceaser's buffet, called the Boardwalk Buffet and it was so amazing. One of the best buffets I've been at in a while. 
They even had cupcakes as desserts. :D 

My Fiance playing with his new phone.
It is SO big. I was making fun of him and I said I had to take his photo just to show him how big it looks while he's holding it.
It's a Samsung Note.

The boardwalk and beach from Ceasars.

This is my outfit that I wore at night when we went out to celebrate my internship.
I wore shorts with it during the day, but since casino's like to keep their air at -0 degrees I threw some pants on. haha.

The back is really cute on this crop top. It's lace all along the back. I purchased it from Forever 21. It was around $13. Not bad. Jeans are from Kohls and I'm just wearing flip flops. Ya, I didn't really get dressed up, although I planned my outfits so strategically and yet I threw this on. 
Does anyone else do this?! Just throw something random together, yet you planned every outfit for every possible situation. lol 

Instagram photo of me with my cupcake at Ceasar's Boardwalk Buffet.

That first night we went out to BB's (Burger Bar) at the Hilton. I ordered a cranberry martini, and let me tell you, I was feeling it after one drink. They put so much vodka in it, it was insane.
We went out that night to celebrate my internship. 
It was so nice. We crawled into our rooms that night, it was a lot of fun.

 The following day we went to Popeyes, my favorite fast food place down there. It was SO good!
We were going to go to the beach, but of course it looked like rain, so we decided not to go. 
Turned out to be a not so bad day, but very cloudy.
We also went to this asian market and they sell these buns called Pineapple creme buns, and they're my favorite and they're only $1!

Cloudy day, pretty windmills.

Since it looked crappy out we decided to go shopping and I snapped a photo of my outfit.
It's just an American Eagle dress my best friend gave me, Thanks Lindsay! Love you!

A dress I purchased. I love the trim on this.
From Charlotte Russe.

 The boardwalk and the carnival on the beach. So pretty.

The new casino, Revel. 
It is SO big in there, it's insane!
So pretty too!

Our third day there we finally went to the beach. 
It was 90, and sunny and HOT. :)
I actually went swimming too!
My fiance was so happy because he actually had someone to swim with. 
But there was a trade off, he had to lay out with me!

Fiance and I before we went into the beach.
I really really want to invest in a new bikini cover up.
I've had the same one for 2 years now!

Braid in my hair and laying on the beach. 

 Fiance and I and my Mondo. (I think that's what it's called.)

 My new Hello Kitty!
My Fiance bought this for me when we were at the Hilton!! 
I was so excited, she will be going with me to our new apartment. :)

Pretty moon, on the boardwalk.
I forget what we were doing, but we decided to walk the board walk this night. I think this is when we went down to the new casino to check it out.

We had a jacuzzi in the suite we were staying in so I picked up a bath bomb at Lush.

You can kind of see my outfit in this picture, it's a High-low dress I purchased at Ross a while ago, my fiance said he loved it on me, so sweet. :)

This is my outfit I wore on the way home and this is at a random bath room I was at, so I decided to snap a quick photo. 

 Playing around with instagram and my new app for photo effects like this. :)
Laying in the sun, my favorite thing to do, and I used SPF! 
BTW, I'm really not that tan, it's the instagram. lol

These are photos my fiance took with his camera on his new phone. 
We were just walking the boardwalk.

This is inside Revel Casino. SO big!

Another one of us at Revel

Thanks for reading!


Schnelle said...

Ok, so much to comment on here: 1st, I can't believe they still make those Kool Aid Bursts I loved them! Your fiance's phone is gigantic! Does it fit in a pocket? lol Popeyes is my favorite fast food place too and I can't wait to get some when we go on vaca! That white dress is SO pretty. And I really need to check out the new casino, I heard about it but it looks awesome.