Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bedroom Suite and Comforter Set

We finally did it, we found the bedroom suite that we wanted!
Let me tell you, it was a journey. 
Now that we will be sharing a room I have to take in consideration my other half's feelings. 
And it's not as easy as it sounds. 
Even right down to the comforter it was a challenge. 
We found a bedroom suite that we fell in love with. 
Today my family, fiance and I all went down to pick it up. 
It was about a hour away so we made the day of it. 
It was so nice to finally spend the day with my family and my fiance. 

I don't have a real good photo, but once we get set up, I promise I will take better photos. 
The bedroom set included the dresser, mirror, bed frame and the two head boards and two night stands.
The tall dresser next to the dresser was not included and we didn't want it.  (or lamps)

It's so funny, when we went there to purchase it, another couple was buying the same one. 
I absolutely love this set.
The dresser and the bed is tall.
I'm tall (5'9") and so is my fiance. 
I can't stand anything short, so that was one of my requirements.
Storage, that was another one of my requirements. I needed space. Now that we will be sharing a room we needed as much storage space as possible and what's great about the set is underneath the bed, (can't see in the picture), there is pull out drawers. 2 on each side.
My fiance absolutely loved that. I will be taking over one night stand and two drawers and we can share the dresser and closet. 
At my old apartment I always utilized my under the bed storage. I've always had sterlite container under my beds. It's perfect for all my hoodies. And I always wear hoodies to class in the fall. 
Anyway, it took a while, but we finally settled on the bedroom suite.

My second big problem was the comforter set. 
Everything I've always picked out was either pink, white, pink & white, or pink & black.
Get my drift? Pink.
So when it came to picking out a comforter set I was lost. 
I wanted it to be my style but something my fiance would like too.
I'll show you pictures of the ones we both decided not to get.

This first set is from Sears. I liked the color of it, but I wasn't in love with the comforter.
I did however, fall in love with the throw pillows. So pretty. But again, it was kind of girly, and wouldn't really be comfortable.

This one is also from Sears. 
I liked it but wasn't in love with it and the quality of this one wasn't good. 

This one I absolutely loved and it is from JCPenney. 
It's a grey color and has little pebbles going through the fabric.
The quality of this one is really good.
However I didn't like the throw pillows and I was going to do creme sheets instead of the grey. (Too plain)
But after seeing one from Bed Bath and Beyond, we decided against this.

Now this is the one we decided to go with. 
The quality and price was amazing. 
I'm absolutely in love with the set.
It'll go perfect with our headboard! 
I love the style and look of this one and I love that I can change up the sheets if I decided to go with different colors. It's versatile and  feminine, but not too feminine where my fiance doesn't like it.
It's funny we were both looking online for sets and we both picked this one out.
I really lucked out that they had it in store. I had my 20% off coupon and walked out with this for an amazing price, and I couldn't be happier.

I also picked up a black throw that I'll be using, just in case I get cold. I didn't get a chance to take pictures of anything, it's all packed away now. 
We are moving next Thursday and I hope to have most of everything set up by the weekend. 
My fiance and I are going to go shopping that weekend to decorate our apartment as well. 
I'm looking forward to that! :)

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading my really really long post. lol.

Have a goodnight. 


Schnelle said...

Yayyy for new bedroom furniture!

lauren said...

i'm so excited to see this post! good luck with moving -- i'll be away when you are doing so, so hope all goes well! i actually really love that JC Penney's comforter, HOWEVER i think the one you chose is PERFECT! :) :)

palmandpineblog said...

How exciting! Congrats on finding the perfect bedroom furniture :) Xo

Unknown said...

You got really great stuff! The images are so fresh which is making your blog more exciting to go to through. The headboard made the bed so cool and the wall as well. I am gonna get white bedroom furniture and I think the above ideas can help me a lot.