Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I Got the Job!

Yesterday afternoon as I was doing the dishes I got a phone call from the place I interviewed at. They said that they would call by Monday so I thought since it was already Tuesday they picked someone else. I know when I interviewed they say they were interviewing 4 other candidates. So needless to say, when they didn't call Monday I thought I didn't get the position. Well yesterday, they called and offered me the job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My first real job. My first career step. 2 months of looking for a job and I finally found one. I couldn't be happier with it. I start tomorrow, my first official working day. The salary is great, the hours are great, the work is exactly what I want to do! I'm so excited! :D
Today the fiance took me to dinner to celebrate, he is SO excited for me. Which makes me more excited. After we went for dinner, he said, yes he said we should go shopping for a professional outfit. I have work pants and skirts, but I wanted something more professional. I'll be working hand in hand with the CFO at the company I work for, so I should dress very professional, don't you think? :D
So we went to Kohls, again, to look for something.
 photo DSC01629_zps7c6b902a.jpg
I finally found the Essie nail strips that seem to be sold out everywhere. I was super excited when I found them. Aren't they adorable? I've never used any other nail strips besides Sally Hansen, so does anyone have reviews on them?
 photo DSC01630_zps46cb0e8a.jpg
 photo DSC01631_zpse2cf8d21.jpg
Candies blazer and floral tank
 photo DSC01632_zps784af62f.jpg
Jennifer Lopez skirt
 photo DSC01633_zps49ec464a.jpg
I got a real good deal on them as well. The lady gave me a 30% off coupon!
Fitting room pictures:
 photo IMG_2656_zpsd411d03f.jpg
I'm not sure I'll wear them together tomorrow, it's suppose to rain, but I do like them together!
 photo IMG_2657_zps2d91fe2a.jpg
Excuse my crazy hair.
 photo IMG_2658_zpsc6ccdcd8.jpg
I also wanted to share a rare find on Monday when my fiance and I went to Ross..
I found Kitchen Aid mixing bowls that match my mixer perfectly..
 photo DSC01624_zpsaaa80ecc.jpg
 photo DSC01626_zpsa5a56e3c.jpg
And I got them for a steal, I just saw these at Kohls (but in black) for $32.99 and I got them for $11.99!
 photo DSC01627_zps90729d16.jpg
I was shocked, I already used them too! haha.
Anyway, I have a ton to do, so I will talk more tomorrow after work! Yes! Back to work! :D
Have a good night everyone, happy Wednesday!


Holly said...

Oh, congratulations! What a great post! A job and a wonderful new outfit :)

Beautygirl24 said...

Congrats sweetie! That's awesome! I wish I liked my job lol. I think a fresh start is always great, and I'm very happy for you :)Love the new outfit too!

lauren said...

congratulations!!!! SO EXCITING! you will be awesome.

what a great deal on those mixing bowls!!! wow!

Kelsey Eaton said...

Congrats on the new job! What kind of work is it? That sounds exciting! Super cute outfit. Newest follower from the ABpetite blog hop!

Schnelle said...

CONGRATS!!! That's so exciting! I love the new blazer and those mixing bowls are so cute! I have the pink kitchen aid food processor. What a great deal too!