Thursday, March 7, 2013

Spring Fever - Florals OOTD & Upcoming DIY Bracelet

Happy Thursday everyone!
As I was pinning yesterday on Pinterest I realized I'm sick of all this cold weather. Go away! It was nice at first, but there was hardly any pretty snow this year. Just very cold temperatures, and honestly, my feet can't take all this coldness. Go away!!
So today I decided to break out on of my springy tops I bought this past winter. I can't help it, it needs to change seasons.
 photo IMG_2598_zps0b98ff48.jpg
See my pretty new lamps in the background?!
 photo IMG_2599_zps6c00faec.jpg
Pretty florals. Tank from Forever 21.
 photo IMG_2595_zps2dcca40d.jpg
Flats from American Eagle.
 photo IMG_2596_zps61319883.jpg
Pretty stackables bracelets! Upcoming DIY!
 photo IMG_2602_zpsc96ee48f.jpg
 photo IMG_2607_zpsbac1009e.jpg
Pearl backing. Which I might switch out for buttons.
 photo IMG_2608_zpsd70e59c1.jpg
Don't forget to enter my giveaway. Ends on the 15th! Enter HERE. Speaking of spring, I'm looking to purchase a new iPhone case and have my eyes on two different ones. But leaning towards another. I really want a chevron monogrammed iPhone case, but can't seem to find them with a rubber casing. Any ideas?
 photo iphone_zps0581c982.png
 photo iphone2_zpsb9b4a42f.png
Each can be found HERE/ HERE
Have a great Thursday everyone!


Veronika said...

my chevron monogramed iphone case with a rubber bumper is by TinTreeGifts on :)


Fash Boulevard said...

Such a cute outfit. You look beautiful, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest post featuring lots of black and white and a little gift from Miss Lauren Conrad. xo

Lisa said...

i love your floral top so cute on you!!

as for my zara camo top i got it at zara's a few months ago when i was in barcelona! you might want to check the stores.. but as you know zara's turnover can be kind of high bleh.. but they might have something like it.. since they've sorta went camo crazy over there heheh :p fingers are crossed for you!

Unknown said...

Very cool watch!

Schnelle said...

Those cases are SO cute! I love the anchor case. Those bracelets are so pretty, can't wait for the DIY.

Anonymous said...

Cute outfit - I love the floral.

Wengie said...

I love your hair!
Much love,