Thursday, July 10, 2014

My First Purchase for Our Upcoming Norwegian Cruise

Happy Thursday!

I officially made my first purchase for our upcoming cruise to the Bahama's in August. This may not be 100% accurate, but I'm going to believe that it IS my first purchase. ;)
I've been buying things here and there for our beach trip {which was in June}, that I will probably be using for the cruise as well. 

Yesterday I went to Ross to look around and found some pretty good deals. 

I picked up this chevron beach bag, that is fully lined inside for $7.99!
Can we just take a moment and just appreciate it's beauty? 
Anyway, it comes in other pretty colors as well, but as you know, I love me some pink. :)

This is my go too. Every where I travel I bring this dry shampoo. My Fiance knows it too. I have long thick curly hair and styling it every day is just impossible. When I use to work at a department store I tried this out after I saw reviews on YouTube. I haven't been able to try another brand since. This was originally $25, and I got it for $7.99. Will this be going on the cruise with me? Probably!

What does everyone do before they go on a cruise? Go on a diet. 
Well, me too, I'm no exception. I'm trying these thigh bands out, I use a belly band every time I work out as well. It really helps with trouble areas. 

Chevron shorts for $6.99. Do I really need to say more? :)

Anyway, just a quick post. I'm going to be doing a post for "Essentials needed for a cruise" in the next couple of weeks, as my cruise gets closer. 

Have a great night. :)


Holly said...

That is my FAV dry shampoo- what a great bargain!