Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Our Wedding Colors Pink & Orange

Happy Wedding Wednesday! 

Today I'm sharing some inspirational photos I'm using for our colors for our wedding. 
Pink and orange are our colors.
Pink is my favorite color and Fiance's is orange, so of course our wedding colors were going to be that. 

People always say they wish that Pinterest was around for their wedding, and honestly, I am too. I don't know what I'd do without it! I was reading someone's blog about how they created a separate account so no family or friends can view your wedding plans. I think that's what I will do, or create a Secret board(don't you love those?!). I don't want to spoil my wedding with everyone seeing what I'm planning!

Anyway, here are some inspirational photos of pink and orange that I hope to use for our wedding. 

I'm SO undecided about our invitations but I love those look of these. 

Candy buffet will be favors for our guests. 

I absolutely love this garter set. 
When I was originally planning our wedding I bought a set from Victoria Secrets, but once I saw this photo I changed my mind. This will definitely be a DIY in the near future. :)

Fiance & I love Starbursts. We may need to make this our signature cocktail drink. I'm still on the fence though. 
Anyone have suggestions for a pink and orange drink? 

I'm so excited to do all the little details. 
I guess you can say I'm a detailed person. What I do for a living is pretty detailed, so I guess I should like it. 
I'm looking forwarding to putting all those little details together. I'm also scared it won't come out the way I pictured. But I guess that's why we're giving a year to plan right?! :)

If you planned your wedding through Pinterest, how did you do it? Did you create a separate account or just created a Secret board? I don't want me guests knowing all the details!


Holly said...

These are all such great ideas! I love the image of the decor with the pink and orange tables- it looks so pretty! Unfortunately, I planned my wedding before I had even joined Pinterest, so I'm no help there :)

Inspire.Love.Style said...

Secret Board. But I did let my Bridesmaids pin to that board when they saw things they liked. It was basically a private board for all of us.