Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Lush Haul - Valentines Day Collection 2015

Happy Tuesday!

This past weekend when I went to the Lush in Philadelphia I picked up some of their Valentines Day collection. 

The first thing I picked up was this heart locket. You can find it here for $11.95. 
When I was talking to one of the girls that work at Lush she recommends breaking the locket in half because you can get 3 uses out of it. Once you break it in half there is something inside and then you can use the two sides of it separately. Out of all the items from the Valentines Day collection I like this scent the best. I can't wait to break it in half to see what's inside!

I picked up two of the Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar. You can find them here for $7.95. I don't know why I'm swooning over this. I just think it's all the fun colors and star glitter. 

This is the Lonely Heart Bubble Bar. I love the amount of glitter this has on it, plus it smells amazing! You can find it here for $7.95. 

I also picked up and used Dragon's Egg bath bomb. You can find it here for $6.95. I highly recommend this! It smells just like fresh citrus with sherbet. Once you use it, inside is all different colors! It leaves your tub colored orange with lots of glitter. My fiance even commented on our good I smelt after! :)
Have you picked up anything from Lush's Valentines Day Collection?



Holly said...

I'm seeing Lush online all over blogs lately! I might have to check it out!

Raquel Gonzalez said...

I went to lush and picked up a few things and the lady told me the Valentines day collection was coming out the next day. I really want to try that Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar and the Heart locket sounds fun! :)