Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sunday Wish List

Happy Sunday!

Today we had a very successful meeting with our caterer. We even have a food tasting this Thursday! We are so excited. Our families will be driving up as well to try the food. But more on this later. 
Today's Sunday Wish List will be short because there isn't much I want, especially after the holidays!
Here's a few items I've been pinning:

I've been thinking a lot about our wedding registry lately and would really love a Kate Spade dish set. 
You can find them here

I really love these feather earrings, but definitely don't need them, but I think they're cute!
Unfortunately, they're no longer available, but you can search other jewelry on this website here

In New York we stayed at The W and they had Bliss products to use and I fell in love with this scent, Lemon and Sage. I love how it smells clean and refreshing, it definitely gives you that clean feeling! Plus this small set is only $10! You can find it here

I'm going to be taking down our Christmas tree today. I usually like to take down all our decorations by the 1st of January, but since we went to Philadelphia I didn't have the time. 
When do you typically take down your Christmas decorations?



Holly said...

I was a slacker getting ours down this year- I like to have it down by the new year, but out of pure laziness it came down later this year :)

Love the dish set!