Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Photobooth, Furniture, and More!

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

I have SO much to share!
Last Friday we met with MCR Productions to help us design the downstairs to our venue.
We were looking for a couple of things and this company has them all:

  • Uplighting (indoor and outdoor)
  • Furniture for the downstairs
  • Photobooth
  • Bar
  • Head chairs for the bride and groom

First I have to tell you about our experience because it's something I've never experienced before.
MCR Productions is based out of the North Eastern part of  Pennsylvania and our wedding is in Central PA. They made a special trip just to see the venue to help us decide on items for our wedding. 
At 2:30 I left work and headed over with my fiance to meet with the company. I didn't know what to expect, I honestly didn't. I walk in and there's our wedding planner with three of the designers. They had their notebooks/iPad's in hand. I didn't expect a team to come out! It honestly made me a little nervous, I didn't expect that! Haha. 

They asked me a bunch of questions, which all three of them diligently wrote down as I answered them and told them what my vision was. They were just amazing, we knew a little bit of what they offered from the website but they had SO much more. They helped me decide on seating downstairs and what they can offer. The venue we chose is two floors. 
Cocktail hour and dancing is downstairs and the dinner is upstairs. There isn't much seating down stairs and I just have a good feeling a lot of people want to sit downstairs when the party gets started especially during our first dance and mother & groom and father and daughter dances happen. Anyway, I was looking for ideas of seating down stairs. They showed us some pictures and this is the type of seats we can go with if we did decide to go with them (I'm still undecided on the chairs)

If we do go with them we would get six of these benches with the little table (which changes colors by the way, and they can even change it for what our colors are!). 

This is a look of what they look like decorated with pillows. I like it, it gives it a very elegant look!
Another one of the items I was looking for is unique chairs for my fiance & I for our head table. Ever since I saw Lauren Conrad's couch for her and her husband I fell in love! So I wanted something unique like that. To go along with the white "Manhattan" look, they suggested these King & Queen chairs which we're definitely getting. They have a high back and look super comfy!

The downstairs will also be where the bar is and we were thinking of making our own bar but found our MCR Productions rents out bars. Which are absolutely beautiful by the way. We are definitely going with the bar for our venue as well. 

It comes with the back stand that holds the alcohol so it will look like an actual bar, plus 5 of the bar stools! I'm super excited about this. It will look so pretty, and again the bar can change colors. So it'll probably flip flop between our colors; orange and pink.

We were also looking for a photobooth, they have a nice one we're just not sure if we're going to go with it. But it does have some awesome features. To name a few: you can upload directly to social media, it can video 30 second videos, guests can have a copy of their photos and we get a scrapbook of the photos along with a flash drive with all the pictures from the evening. 

And last but certainly not least is the up lighting for both indoor and outdoor. We actually needed permission from the manager of the venue because it's never been done before! MCR is really well known for all their amazing up lighting features. We are super excited about this. We will be uplighting the outside with our colors and the inside as well. Since our venue is two floors they will be uplighting both floors different colors and can be flip flopped throughout the night. Which is exciting!

I wish I can show you more pictures of their amazing uplighting but you'll just have to check out the website which is here.

Have a great night!


Holly said...

So many amazing options! Your wedding will look and be incredible!