Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Flower Inspiration

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

Last week when I made an appointment with a potential florist she asked me to bring photos and color swatches. I was baffled. At that point I had no idea what I wanted. So where did I go? Pinterest. 
Pinterest has literally been a life saver when it comes to inspirational photos. 

So before I went to the florist I started to save some photos from Pinterest that I liked. 
All I knew was that I wanted tall center pieces in white vases with lots of pink and orange flowers. 

Here are some inspirational photos I showed the florist:

I like the clear beading going down the middle of the center pieces. I think with uplighting it will make them pop. 

I was also looking for flowers for the table numbers for when people enter our venue. 

And this white vase is what I truly fell in love with. And ever since this picture (literally) I knew I wanted white vases.

 I think we will also be doing floating candles from the centerpieces. Our florist really fell in love with this photo and said she would love to recreate this for us, but in our colors.

I was also looking for inspiration for our pews at the church. 
This was the only picture I found that I liked, I am still on the hunt. 

It's hard for me with flowers because I don't truly love flowers. Nor did I want to break the budget for our wedding just for flowers. But my fiance talked me into getting what I wanted so we'll be spending more than I like, but I believe the outcome will be worth it. 

Our florist will be doing a mock up of the design we like so I am looking forward to seeing her design and seeing it come to reality. 

Have a great night!


Inge Jane said...

What gorgeous inspiration photos! I bet yours will turn out lovely!

Holly said...

So many pretty inspiration pictures! I felt the same about flowers, but honestly regret not putting more into our center pieces. So good on your fiancé for encouraging you to go for it!