Monday, February 23, 2015

Weekend Recap: Unicorn Lush Bath Bomb, Bridal Shower & Invitations

Happy Monday!


Friday night was relaxing, I got to use my Lush Unicorn bath bomb. I broke it up into two pieces to be able to use it two times but I really think I could have broken it up into three pieces. 
SO excited to use this! 

Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles!

Bath tub was very colorful!

As you know, I went home this past weekend to look at my Bridal Shower venue with my family. Well guess what? It's officially booked! I was a little worried about this place because I didn't like any of the food but low and behold they had a breakfast menu, so I am happy about that. All thanks to my family for helping me!   
I will be sharing more on my blog this week with pictures of the place. 

Saturday I spent my day making my invitations for the Bridal Shower. 

As I was packing up to come back home Sweetie was hanging out with me the whole time. He wouldn't leave my side. What a loyal dog. He must have known I was leaving.  

That's all I have to share from the weekend. I'm saving photos for later this week, I have so much wedding details to share I don't want to post about them yet!


RaeAbigael said...

awwww. unicooooorn! <3

xoxo, rae

Holly said...

Have you used the locket yet? I'm dying to know what was in it!