Friday, October 23, 2009

Organized some of my Accessories

Today was a day off for me, so I did a new YouTube Video and also organized some of my accessories... well, jewelry. I've been wanting to do this forever now, and I finally just did it.. haha... It's not done, and I'm not completely happy with it. So let's just say it's Under Construction. But I thought I'd share my progress so far. I still have an armoire of jewelry and 3 little totes of jewelry I have to figure out what to do with.. haha.. But for now, I like the way it came out, atleast until I find time to do more of it..

This is what it looks right from afar...


This is the right hand-side. The martini glass holds some of my rings, the big flower holds some of my earrings, and the black little holder holds like 3 bangles, but it looks vintage so I kept it there... :)


This little thing holds random things. I have some earrings on this one, some bow hair clips, and other hair clips on it, a lot of my black/silver rings are also on this, and more bangles, it's a versatile holder, I like it.


A better picture of the earring holder, and my black bangle holder. I also put one of my favorite hair clips on the stand as well, that's that big shiny thing you see haha, I also have a bangle in the background, and also some cupcake candles..


And this lady holds all of my dainty necklaces, that aren't long, and ones that have a lot of meaning to me... maybe I should do a jewelry collection entry haha.


Anyway, just wanted to share, hopefully you'll get some tips from it, or maybe you can give me tips...

I also ordered my costume for Halloween, I'm being a nurse, and John's being a doctor...

Hopefully I get it by Halloween, I'm a little late, but that's okay. I have to pick up thigh highs yet, but I'll do that later this week when I have more time... anyway, ttyl!!



*~kAy~* said...

I always love looking at how people organize things :) thanks for sharing :)
You got all sorts of cute blingey things! <3

Nice! Hope we get to see you both in your costumes! :P So cute!

Jupiter Jones said...

you have some really nice items in your collection. The magpie in me wants to swoop them all away for myself. Thanks for showing us. OOh and i love your YT channel too and subbed you on there. XXX

Rai said...

Your accessories look so much more organized than mine. lol

Cuuuute costume!

lindah said...

wow yours looks so organized! :O Doesn't your jewelery get that like... metal smell after a while for being exposed so long? IDK, it might just be me haha! But I was a nurse last year :) It was pretty fun ^_^

lil_budoy said...

i love how u organized ur jewerly. it's really cool!