Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wish List Forever 21

This upcoming Wednesday(the 14th) is my birthday, and the boyfriend and I are going to take a drive to the mall. :) So I decided to make a little wish list of things I want when I'm down there, hopefully it'll remind me of stuff. Does anyone else do this? haha, or am I just insane? haha

From Forever 21..

Sequin Tank $22.80(I'd wear this with black sweat pants and a cute zebra print hoodie or a black/white hoodie, or to dress it up I'd wear black dress pants with a boyfriend fit blazer, or I would do skinny jeans and a boyfriend fit blazer)

Sequin Hem Tank $14.80 (I'd wear this with jeans and a hoodie, or under a nice button down dress shirt)

Ruffle Satin Top $14.80 (I'd wear this with so many things, pencil skirt tucked in, or tucked out, skinny pants to dress it up, or skinny pants with riding boots, so many options with this kind of shirt, and it's timeless so it'll never go out of style!)

Satin Tunic $14.50 (This is so cute and timeless as well, wear it with leggings or dark skinny jeans, it would be so adorable)

Lace Top$19.80 (This is from their Twist line, this would be so cute with just leggings, or black skinny jeans, or dress pants)

Boyfriend Tee $13.80 (I like this so much I need it in both colors)

Snoopy Tee $18.90 (A little over priced for a tee, but because I love Snoopy so much, I need this tee as well, but I'd wear this with skinny jeans and a hoodie, or even a boyfriend blazer. You could also wear it with a skirt with the shirt tucked it to make it dressy.)

Bow Lace Top $19.80 (So cute! Definitely wear it for work with a pencil skirt tucked in or out, or with black dress pants, love!)

Lace Bow Tank $13.80 (I just need this, no explanation necessary~!)

Pleated Tank $19.80 (Too cute for skirts and a blazer)

Woven Shirt with Belt $19.80 (Brown tights and riding boots)

Polka Dot Shirt $17.80

Halter Tunic $22.80(So cute for going out, wear it with leggings or dark skinny jeans and some hot shoes and accessories!)

Crepe Dress $24.80

Button Front Dress $19.80 (I don't know how I'd wear this, but I love it, hmm maybe black leggings and a blazer of some color and boots)

Ruffle Tube Top Dress $19.80 (I'd so wear this going out with a stud belt and some cute boots)

Sweater Ruffle Cardigan $19.80 (So adorable with a nice tank under neath and skinny jeans or Ohhh a cute pencil skirt with a lace tank underneath! :)

Ruffle front zipper sweater $19.80

Military Wool Coat $44.80

Knit Moto Jacket $14.80 (A steal!! So in right now)

Caplet Jacket $34.80

Tweed Mini $17.80

Houndstooth Skirt $14.80

Skirt with belt $17.80

and so much more *sighs* ....
Can't wait!!!


Rai said...

Cute stuff!

lol. I don't like making a wish list with Forever 21... want to go back & get stuff and BAM! It's gone. :(

lindah said...

haha I agree with rai! :)

but I want the I love my boyfriend shirts too :D I can't believe they still have it :O!!