Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Christmas in Hershey Park PA

The boyfriend and I took a road trip to Hershey Park to see the Christmas lights this past sunday... so I thought I'd share a few photos from there. If you haven't been to Hershey Park, I'm telling you, you really need to go! It's the best place to go. :)

Some pretty lights

Huge Christmas tree...

The best tree topper ever.... a hershey kiss...

I had some hot cocoa and smores...

More pretty lights

Me and John

Beautiful Christmas tree inside the Chocolate Factory

They had characters walking around... and of course we had to get our picture with one!


They also have this light show called NOEL... and I recorded it... there's 3 songs total... it was so beautiful, I had to share with you guys. :) John thought I was nuts haha



lindah said...

I dislike chocolate :( haha! well, not white, I love white chocolate! :) I want to put this on my "places to see" list :D I saw it on food network I think, it looked yummmy! ^_^