Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I'm a little late but HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! :D I hope everyone had a safe and fun halloween, I know I did. The girl I work with threw a party at her boyfriends apartment, so we went there for halloween. We decided against going to the bars and clubs because we knew it was going to be packed. But how was everyone else's halloween???

Here are a few photos from that fateful evening...

Me and my boyfriend, I was a nurse, and he was Dr. Shots.

Me and my cousin

Me and a girl I use to work with

A pre-warning.. at this point and on, I'm DRUNK lol

I'm flexing.. I don't know why... lol and I have no clue what John is doing!

Quang... and John.. best friends

Yes, that's me in the background lol

This is the only pic I have of my makeup... oh dear..

Wearing Quang's glasses..

And this is how the nite ended ... with me on the floor...

I'm not sure if I'm happy that I'm posting these.. but I'm sure you've seen worse.. lol


Jasmin said...

Love the pics & costumes. Beautiful!

Sarah said...

You may be drunk but you still look fantastic!!

PincStuff said...

fabulous!! and LOVED teh glasses at the end ^^ xoxo

kalai said...

you look great! cute photo with the glasses^^ haha i want geek glasses.

you hair colour looks great! hope your doing well^^ xx

lindah said...

I'm probably the most happiest drunk.. SMILING and taking pictures with everyone! HAHA! xD But my bro in law was doctor shots too! ^_^ and I like how your nurse outfit is way different from the regular ones :D

*~kAy~* said...

looks like such a fun night you had! :)
haha! the pic where your head is getting checked is so funny :P
thanks for sharing these pics! your makeup looks so pretty:)

Edna said...

Hey sweetie! Cute halloween pixs! The BF and I dressed up as DR and Nurse one yet, unfortunately I caught the 12 hour cold this year :( Hope you're doing well <3

Sassy J'adore said...

Fun Halloween pics! Looks like u had lots of fun, girl. =)