Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving! Claires Haul

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope everyone had a relaxing and nice Thanksgiving! My family and I decorated our house for Christmas all day, ya it's an all day process for my mom. But I love looking at all the Christmas lights. :) Anyway, when John and I went to Hershey we went to their outlets that are right next door and I picked up some earrings for myself, took pictures and thought I'd share. Right now their buy 2 get 1 free! :)

Cute clay cupcake earrings


Cute snowflake earrings, love these ones!



Candy Cane earrings, my free ones. I'm probably going to wear these tomorrow for black friday!

Anyone going shopping for black friday??? I'm working unfortunately, and my boyfriend and his friends are waiting outside Best Buy right now for some crazy laptop deals, plus my dad wants a new tv.. lol And I want to get my dad a GPS for Christmas. :) Shhhh don't tell him!


Sassy J'adore said...

Hey girl!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Cute earring hauls. =)
Hm...I don't really do Black Friday shopping bc it can be crazy. We shall see this yr. hehe.
Have a wonderful day!

lindah said...

It's too crazy when you live in a big city :P haha! If I lived in a small town with a ghetto mall I'd probably go :)

Natasha Marie said...

Thanks so much for enjoying my blog! I'm a little new to it but I love it so far & I love making new friends :) Your blog is adorable, I'm totally going to follow. Yes, I lovee quotes. I liveee by them!! Each day I read a quote (I have a HUGE notebook I have had for over 5 years full of quotes) lol it gets me through the day :) Keep in touch. Lovely haul!! I lovee claries :)

lil_budoy said...

i love the claire earrings...i love cupcakes and stuff too!

lil_budoy said...

thnx for following new to blogging...i want to make new friends! hehehe

yoli said...

I love those cupcakes earrings!

Shelley said...

I didn't go out for Black Friday but I did buy some things online during Thanksgiving/Black Friday sales. Everything I got is on my blog: