Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Favorite Holiday Scent Winter Candy Apple

I just wanted to point out my love for my favorite holiday scent, Winter Candy Apple. I absolutely love this scent, as you can tell in the picture I use the body spray a lot. I did buy this a looong time ago though, like 4 + years ago. Back when it only cost $10, now it cost $12, damn inflation! *lol* But anyway, I start using this around November, my boyfriend loves the scent and he knows when Christmas is near when I wear this. Haha. So what's your favorite holiday scent?




lindah said...

wow I don't think I will ever finish any body sprays! ^_^ I'm so proud of you :D hehe <3 and I can't stand scents.. I loveee the way they smell when I first put it on, but then it makes me kinda gives me nausea!