Friday, February 5, 2010

Going away for the weekend....

Hello lovey bloggers! I'm heading to Atlantic City this weekend to celebrate my boyfriend's 25th birthday!! We're staying at the Hilton and I'm so excited, it's my favorite place down there. I hope to stop at Lush while I'm there too. :) I wanna pick up the Candy Fluff I heard about on YouTube. :) Here's a picture of the Hilton down Atlantic City... it's gorgeous!

Unfortunately it's suppose to snow while we're down there. Supposedly we're getting 7-11 inches the night we get there, and I guess 55mph winds on Saturday(his birthday). Atleast it won't be until late at night and we can make it there safely, that's all I'm worried about. Thankfully he has 4wd! Anyway, I'll talk to you girls when we get back. Until then, have a a nice and safe weekend! =)