Friday, June 11, 2010

Collective Haul from Atlantic City, New Purse, and Moreeee

Here's a youtube video I did a while back, that I never posted on my blog... oops! Also included is my new BeBe purse I got.

The boyfriend and I attended a flea market in the Scranton area because he wanted some Haluski.. MMMM love Polish food! and I was shopping around in there and scored this cute earring necklace holder for $1!!


Is anyone else as excited as I am about the Victoria Secret Semi Annual Sale??? I got an email saying it'll be this upcoming Tuesday... AHHHH Plus I'm off that day, which is weird, but maybe it's fate. :)

I did purchase a bikini from their online sale for a whopping $36 INCLUDING shipping...


Here are some things I'm wanting to order though:





Will I order? Maybe.. depends on how much I spend at the semi-annual sale in-stores... haha.


Did anyone ever hear of the website A girl on Youtube was talking about it, so I thought I'd check it out. And they have some cute accessories. Plus now they're offering free shipping over $9.95 for all US deliveries. So I placed an order for two things that came to a whopping $12.00!

Pave Watermelon necklace.. $9.99 but it's currently backordered, but I'm willing to wait.. it's too cute.

Featured in Every Day with Rachael Ray.....June-July, 2010!.png by cruizinchik on Aviary

Also this adorable toering for $1.99

I don't know how long shipping will take considering I have a backordered item, but I'll let you guys know!


Anyway, talk to you girls soon!!


Schnelle said...

great haul- love the floral dress. my fiance and i are going to a.c this week and i can't wait to go shopping. your haul just got me pumped!