Friday, June 18, 2010

Victoria Secrets Swim Suits Review

I feel like I need to do a review on the Victoria Secrets swim suits. I haven't had the best experience with them... I do have a few complaints that I thought I'd share...

  • They run extremely small! Even the tops, I mean I'm not blessed on top, but I do have to get a larger size than I should in them. They seem to cut in to try to show the most cleavage, maybe that's what they're trying to do, I don't know. But to be honest, I don't like that. When you're swimming in the ocean, the last thing you want is your top or your bottom to fall off because a big wave hit you! And this doesn't mean just the tops, the bottoms run small too. I mean seriously, they have them so low cut it's like your wearing your skivvies... I have a long torso to try to wear one of their low-rise bottoms is deathly.. Not to mention they hardly cover your bum... sheesh!

  • Another complaint I have is that the bottoms are thin material, well some of the their bottoms are. Like the mix & match lines... the bottoms are thin and well, if you get wet... you know.

  • On the other hand though... they do have such a wide selection. And if you try them on and take your time you'll find one you'll love. Like this one I picked up at the Semi-Annual Sale. I got it for a whopping $40! It's gorgeous and I love the detailing.




    What do you notice about Victoria Secrets swim suits you like or don't like? I'd like to hear.


    Schnelle said...

    love the detailing! i know what you mean, they do run small- i can't wear those low cut bottoms and i'm short! i'm not saying i'm modest but it's way too much skin for me.

    Ana said...

    you are sooo right! the bottoms from vs are sooo small its like half of your butt hanging out NOT cute! i do like their tops though i got a cute one last time for really cheap love the bathing suit!

    Jasmin said...

    Cute!!! Thanks for sharing. I haven't bought a VS swim suit yet, but I was wondering the sizes and all. Love what you chose!

    Sassy J'adore said...

    Hey girl!

    Fabulous swimsuit! I like the chain detail on it. I've never purchased any swimsuit by VS, so I wouldn't know much about the fit. However, many of their swim wear looks great online.

    Sylsil said...

    I never try them, although they look very pretty. But in Spain I've never seen a shop.
    The one you took is lovely!!
    I liked very much your blog :) I follow you