Sunday, October 3, 2010

Faux Leather Mini Skirt

I was casually browsing Forever 21's website and I kept finding all these wonderful outfits based around a single item: a faux leather mini skirt. They have a bunch of there website for about $15.00!! I went on that site just to look around, but left longing a leather skirt! I mean, I couldn't believe how they paired it up with all these different tops and made it look, rockerish, grunge, classy, sexy, and sophisticated. I wore a faux leather jacket last year and John absolutely hates it. Says that I'm too young to wear one, and that it makes me look old.. it's so retro.. yadda yadda. So I stopped wearing them. But now I'm longing for a faux leather skirt. Maybe he'll find it sexy? Hmm. Anyway, I just wanted to share the few of the many ways Forever21 show cased this skirt...

All from, I DO NOT take credit for any of these photos

So here's one of the faux leather skirts, I believe this one is $15.00


Paired with just a black dolman-style shirt. SO-perfect! I mean the black leather skirt, with a black baggy shirt and red lips, how could you not resist? I wouldn't recommend wearing the black leather skirt with just a tight black tight, little risk-A for me, but if you do I'd pair it with a boyfriend blazer..


Just a plain white dolman top with long chain necklaces. How cute!


This would be perfect for going out with friends. It's sexy, but without being so revealing.


I know this goes against what I said before about a tight shirt with a mini skirt, but look closer, they're actually shorts!! Faux leather shorts! They have those show cased all over their website with different looks. Plus she's not wearing a bare leg, she actually had tights on, which helps with being too revealing. And what's not to love about this top, it's so cute!


If you're able to, you could totally pull this off at the office, just add black tights, or even with a blazer.


This would be perfect for going out with friends and at the office, wear it with a cardigan at the office and take it off for going out with friends.


Lace and leather? Oh my. It's great together, it's two worlds completely separate, but put together. Classy vs Rocker? Put together and add red lipstick, and your ready to go out. I love it!


There's so many ways to pair one skirt with many different looks, and at $15.00 you can't beat it. I'm not trying to advertise for Forever21 I just love their website SO much.

Just wanted to share one of my favs for right now. I need a faux mini leather skirt! Let's just hope the fiance will approve haha.


Schnelle said...

I love the lace with the faux leather!

I'm so sorry you couldn't find one. There were only 2 left when I got mine. I got a cupcake timer at JoAnn Fabric that is super cute. They had a ton of them and they were only $2 or $3!

Princess Dayz said...

I think the skirt is so cute you should definatley get one. :-]

Eve said...

I love that last outfit. I saw that look on F21 Skinny blog and absolutely fell in love! :)