Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Tell me my toenails aren't appropriate for the occasion? :) I painted them orange with black nail polish for the pumpkin face, and also for the french mani, and also I added silver glitter on the face to make it look like it lights up. :)


Also I made another amigurumi, it's a peppermint patty, but in the theme of Halloween, so I thought I'd share for Halloween...


How was everyone's Halloween. My and my friends dressed up and had a party at my apartment. It was a TON of fun. :) Hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween and be safe!


*~kAy~* said...

how cute! You crocheted that? :P
My mom is so into crocheting at the moment haha! :P

Your toenails are so adorable :P How many compliments did you get on your nails already? :P

KayKay said...

your toenails are so cute:)

Schnelle said...

Love the toes and the little candy is so cute! I hope you'll post pics of your costumes.

Thanks for the comment. It was such a fun costume to make and wear.

Anonymous said...

Very creative, love the pumpkin toes!!!