Monday, October 4, 2010

Wet n Wild's Palette Review

First off I'd like to say that I never tried Wet n Wild's products before because they were always known as "cheap". So before I review this I can't say I've had prior experience with their products then, compared to now. I'm just giving my honest opinion on a product I bought. I seen so many reviews on these palette's by Wet n Wild, and when I was in the Dollar General picking up nail clippers I stumbled upon this. Plus $1.00 coupon off the price of $5.00! Score!


This particular palette is called Greed.

With flash

Without flash

Cute little brushes it come with.

Swatches of the glitter shades.

Swatches of the matte shades.

I haven't actually used this palette yet, but when I do, I'll show makeup looks with it. :)

My Official Review

Cost? Like I said I picked it up for $4.00 at Dollar General because they had an "Instant Coupon" on the packaging. But I know from reading other posts, it's $5.00

Pigmentation? I'm being completely honest when I write this, when I picked this palette up, I have very expectations. But when I took it out of it's packaging, and actually slide my finger across one of the shades, just once I was honestly amazed at the pigmentation. Very pigmented. In the pictures, I swiped my finger once to get that color payoff. Amazing right? Who would have that?

Packaging? Packaging is your basic, on a cardboard box. And to me packaging and design of something, anything is very important, I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I'm a sucker for cute packaging. The fact that it comes with two brushes, surprises me a little and shows that maybe Wet n Wild is trying to go a little higher end, but at an affordable cost?

Pros? Cost, easily accessible, at any local Walmart or drugstore, and hey even Dollar General! Also the color payoff is very surprising, and amazing.

Cons? None as of now. :)

I hope this was helpful and informative. :) Have a good night everyone.


Schnelle said...

Thats a great palette color wise- perfect neutrals. I've never tried Wet n Wild either so I'm interested to know how it holds up. Does it smell like baby powder? I've found that some cheaper e/s usually smell like that.

noone said...

I've never tried wet and wild palette before... well I did maybe 8 years ago but it wasn't very pigmented as i remembered, but in these pics the black looks really nice and pigmented!

Donna said...

i had no idea it came with two brushes. i'm so inlove with wet and wild products theyre serously stepping it up!

Jade | The Jade Aesthetic said...

Hellooo, I replied about the font under your comment just so anyone else who wanted to know can see too, so check back! Thanks for following :) I'm following you back! :) x