Sunday, February 12, 2012

Early Valentines Day Present

Valentines Day came a bit early for me this year. My parents surprised me with a little gift. They never really buy me anything for Valentines Day, I usually get a card and a cute teddy bear and I'm fine with that! :) Yesterday my mom handed me this little bag from a store called 3 Sisters, it's a local boutique that sells Pandora. I opened it and cried. Why did I cry? I guess I was just so thankful and my mom said, "Why are you crying?!" And all I could muster up was, "That was so nice." haha. It's the little things that really make me happy, or the thought that goes into a gift, no matter what it is!

Anyway, they bought me the Owl charm that I thought was so adorable. I tried to take photos of the little guy but failed, but I will show anyway. It was dark last night when I took it, and I didn't have good lighting in my room, I never do because I only have one window in my little room at home. :)

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Michelle said...

Awe how sweet. I am not close with my parents and I always love hearing how parents can be so loving and giving! Cute owl charm :)

Rose. said...

That owl charm is the cutest thing!

we could follow each other? x

Schnelle said...

That was so sweet! I have a slight obsession with owls. My great grandmother used to collect them and now I've recently found myself attracted to them and I have a small but growing collection now.