Saturday, February 11, 2012

New Camera

I have to say that I'm in love with Sony products and that's all there is too it. Especially their TV's, Blue Ray players and not to mention there cameras. I have been purchasing Sony Cybershot cameras since digital cameras came out, literally. I always update my camera's every 2 years. The sony cybershot camera I have now ( DSC-T90) is in perfect working condition, but it's only a 12.1 mega pixel. I mean it works great and takes get photos. I only had one problem with it when I was at the beach, and that's when I get sand in it's lens. 

So I bought myself the Sony cybershot DSC-T110. I absolutely love it and can say there are much better features on this one than the one I have now. I particular feature I love is when I click on the calendar it'll show the dates I took photos, click on the date and it'll show all the photos I took on that particular date. It's perfect for when I want to reference things, instead of scrolling through my million photos. There are many features about it that I love.

One day I'll splurge and purchase the Canon Rebel. But for now, I see no reason for it. It would truly enhance my photos for my blog, but at the same time, if I took the time to edit my photos in my Photoshop they would look just at great at those, I know because my friend who as a Canon compared my photos with his and he said there is little to no difference! I will one day purchase a Canon possibly when I have children or when my fiance and I get married, right now I see no reason for it.

Anyway, here's my new camera:


Carla said...

Such a pretty pink!
For me, i have a good 14mp camera but i can always tell that when i use my dslr camera, it looks wayyy better!:)

Schnelle said...

Cute camera, I love the color and the huge display screen is really nice too. The date feature is such a great idea! I splurged and got a Rebel recently and I love it. There are so many other features that I still have to learn how to use but I notice a huge difference and there are so many neat effects to play around with too.