Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentines Day

My Valentines Day started out with classes from 8-11. I had an exam in one of my classes, and then I came home to a wonderful surprise. Yesterday my fiance and I decided not to celebrate Valentines Day today because of our schedules, he has classes in the morning and then a long lab at night, which is where he is right now. On top of it, he has two exams tomorrow that are really important.We would have no time to celebrate it until a later time. I was kind of upset, I'll admit, but I understood. So I came home after my exam to flowers and baked goods from my favorite bakery, and a cute singing cupcake on my desk. I teared up a little because I couldn't believe how thoughtful it was. In his note in the card he wrote, "I decided this morning you needed flowers and someone as beautiful as you deserves flowers on Valentines Day, and some cherry cookies!" Now that, I cried to. Haha. 

It's those sweet things he does for me that make me love him more and more everyday. :')

This little guy sings and opens his mouth. Oh-my-gosh, so adorable!

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Michelle said...

Super cute and thoughtful!!

Schnelle said...

Oh my goodness that is so sweet! What a sweet heart you have!!!

99Raina99 said...

Awww so cute. Now that was super thoughtful.

Gagan said...

So sweet! The flowers are gorgeous!