Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Clothing Haul

Two weekends ago when I was in for Spring Break I picked up some things that I haven't shared yet. *Sigh* School is really getting the better of me this semester. 
Anyway, I had a gift card for Kohls (since Christmas Ah!) so I thought I'd stop in. 
I love their Lauren Conrad line. 
Anyway, I picked up a pretty lace dress and two tops. 
(I also have fitting room pictures, isn't this exciting?!)

 This top will be so pretty with white jeans/capris or white/tan shorts.

A Lauren Conrad top, at first I felt SO guilty purchasing this. It was $24.80 (Around there). 
I couldn't justify spending that much on a tank top (although it is very cute). When I went to the check out counter, the kind lady gave me 20% Friends and Family coupon off of my purchase. Made me feel a lot better!

When I'm nice and tan this shirt will look gorgeous! :) I'm even considering wearing it for Easter since I didn't have time to look for a pretty Easter Dress. I might pair it with a black blazer and skinnies. We'll see!

A pretty lace dress, I've been wanting a dress like this for awhile, so pretty and feminine. 

See all the pretty dresses behind me? All so SHORT! Hate that about Junior dresses. 

Found this pretty top at Target, but wasn't sure if it made me look prego? What do you guys think? I love the colors and obviously I would pare it with a orange or ohh maybe even a torquise tank?
Leave me know your thoughts.

Thanks for reading!


Schnelle said...

That pink top is SO pretty and definitely worth it. LOVE that white dress too!

Unknown said...

I love everything you picked out!! I'm def checking out LC's line.

Skylette from Sequins & Stilettos said...

The peach hued ruffled tank is my favorite and the lace dress is reminiscent of LC's personal dress that is plastered all over the Internet. :) great finds!

Jowongster said...

Is the white dress part of the LC line at Kohl's? You should sign up for Kohl's emails. I receive 20% off coupons about twice a month and $10 off $10 once in a while. The two can be combined so it makes a great deal.

Jowongster said...

Is the white lace dress part of the LC line at Kohl's? You should sign up for Kohl's emails on their website. You get 20% off coupons at least once a month (it's seems pretty often) and $10 off $10 once in a while. You can combine the two and get a great deal.

*~kAy~* said...

ooooooh i like dressing room pics! :P
The dress is especially pretty <3

and no i don't think you look pregnant in that top! :p

Life's a shoe said...

great haul! love the ruffly top in the second picture!